Top 7 Designers & Exotic Flowers Bouquet in India

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Exotic flowers of different types and fragrances are widespread all over the globe. Blooms that are native to certain land and which are introduced to a foreign ecosystem is known as exotic flowers. Hydrangeas, lisianthus, or birds of paradise are some of the most fascinating exotic blooms.  Not all online floral stores in India have these fascinating exotic blooms. Nothing can match the appeal of these blooms as a gift option for a special date or as a décor item for decking up the house for a get-together. Moreover, these lovely bouquets are also promising enough to provide a perfect Insta post for social media addicts. The most exciting thing about online floral stores is their online flower delivery services, which are both comfortable and affordable.

You may have already noticed that exotic tropical blooms are all in great demand nowadays. Be it a wedding, engagement, get-together, or a birthday celebration, you can see them used on almost every occasion. Easily available via flowers delivery, exotic blooms are the most special gift one can present to their loved ones.

Order these gorgeous exotic bouquets in India!

Nature plays a vital role in blessing you with colorful blooms. Here is a collection of 7 exotic flowers that make a thoughtful gift when coupled with delicious chocolate brought from chocolates online.

1. Basket of Purple Orchids & Anthuriums

When it comes to a bouquet, it is all about the creative minds of florists that win the hearts of millions. The beautiful arrangement of purple orchids with white anthuriums and green lily grasses is a floral gift that is playing creatively with a cane basket. Purple orchids are regarded as royal blooms which symbolize respect, dignity, and admiration. The white anthuriums are found abundantly all over India and it symbolizes happiness and abundance.

2. Asiatic Lilies & Carnations Mixed Bouquet

A cute and romantic box arrangement of white Asiatic lilies and pink carnations is here to charm the spectators. White lilies symbolize purity and perfection while pink carnations stand for mother’s love, gratitude, gentleness, and admiration. With same day delivery services provided by the online florist shops, these bouquets are an easily available and much-appreciated gift for loved ones.

3. Shaded Love- Blue Roses Arrangement

Blue spray roses and white & blue gypsophila make a vivacious yet subtle mix. This soothing arrangement would be an intelligent addition to a study table or office table décor.

4. Pink & Purple Mix Flower arrangement

Purple carnations, light pink gerberas, pink daisies, and Limonium arranged in a décor pot is a visual treat for one’s eyes. Pink daisies symbolize appreciation while remembrance. Purple carnation in the arrangement stands for a royal vibe while pink gerberas symbolize grace. Purchased via flower delivery, this bouquet is a perfect surprise gift for moms to let her know that you remember her every day.

5. Elegant Anthurium Basket

Online cake and flower delivery have boomed in recent years. An elegant anthuriums basket with colorful and zesty blooms is exactly what you need to create an everlasting impression with your dear one. The red anthurium present in the bouquet is one of the most popular exotic flowers in the world.

6. Roses and Lisianthus Box

This bouquet consists of a heavenly combination of white roses and purple lisianthus. Lisianthus which are native to the south of the USA symbolizes appreciation and admiration. On the other hand, white roses are reminiscent of innocence and purity.

7. Bird of Paradise

The contrast of white sacred roses with this arrangement makes it look beautiful. It is one of the best selling exotic flowers in the world with bright colors and unconventional appearance.

Bottom lines

Big or small, ornate or simple, everyone loves the presence of blooms. But, exotic blooms are really special in that they are amazing and beautiful enough to take your breath away. Feel the joy of gifting by ordering blooms through online flowers delivery.

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