Top 7 Most Common Myths By Car Key Maker Near Me About Smart Locks

The ability to move into and out of the residence and not worry about being blocked out is a great satisfaction for many. In this regard, key-less digital locks offer a desirable solution as they can help to make life easier for people. There are a variety of door lock solutions at car key maker near me that are digital currently available biometric door locking systems are currently the top choice. This is due to their cost-effectiveness and the ease of opening doors without carrying any physical tools like keys or cards. However, many people are hesitant to use electronic locks due to the many myths surrounding digital locking mechanisms. Here are seven myths that we are trying to dispel for the success of the acceptance of electronic locking systems.

⦁ Smart Locks Are Easily Hacked

Another frequently raised concern to Dubai locksmith service concerning keyless locks is how secure they are against hackers? There is a rising concern about the security of internet-connected devices as well as keyless entry systems, particularly when it comes to the security of your home from burglars and intruders. Naturally, this is a valid concern. We all know that technological changes are in the initial fear of being mistrustful. But, digital locks integrated into homes automation devices (aka the voice assistants Alexa, Apple Home Kit) are typically configured to utilize wireless communication, along with an encryption layer controlled by voice assistants in the home.

In the case of locks with Wi-Fi technology, they utilize the WPA/WPA2 encryption on your home network and additional end-to-end encryption based on digital certificates like the ones your bank utilizes to secure you from accessing your money online. Unlike the traditional security systems in use from car key maker near me – which are far more difficult to alter, electronic door locks offer improved security and a practical alternative for homeowners.

⦁ Smart Locks Won’t Function In Power Outages.

Batteries run the majority of smart locks. If there is a power failure at home, the lock from emergency locksmith in Dubai will operate normally, or at the very least, models that utilize BLE for communication that your smartphone can connect directly to, like Keymitt. There’s no reason to get irritated because of a small power loss!

Electronic door locks operate autonomously, and you’ll receive regular updates regarding the battery status of your mobile device. If the smart lock is running out of batteries, we’d suggest you keep a copy of your physical key in a safe area (i.e., at your neighbor’s house). If there’s an emergency, you’ll have a plan as suggested by car key maker near me.

⦁ Electronic Locks Are Not Aesthetically Appealing

The majority of homeowners today understand the importance of having an attractive front door. But, many are unsure if an expensive electronic lock is detrimental to an entryway’s appearance. Although the first generation of electronic locks was functional, modern models aren’t lacking in design. Many electronic door locks on the market today complement the style of the majority of front doors. If you’re looking for a basic or an elegant electronic lock to complement your home’s decor, You can locate one that is pleasing to the eye and provides enhanced security by the help of emergency locksmith services Dubai.

⦁ Smart Locks Aren’t Worth The Money

Another popular misconception is that all smart-home devices are priced too high. While smart locks may be more expensive than traditional locks, there are more advantages than cons to this investment. Because every potential customer has their own list of expectations, demands, and needs, some For others this could cause a negative offer.

The benefits of having smart locks include benefits like an easy remote connection to the security system (no requirement for keys from the past! ), Increased security, the ability to share access, constant control of who is allowed in and out, elegant designs, and the list could go on. Prices vary among various models available at key locksmith Dubai, making some more appealing than others. In the end, many would agree that digital door locks’ distinct characteristics make them more valuable. In addition, there’s sure to be a lock that fits your budget and needs.

⦁ Keyless Locks Are An Eye-Sore

Keyless locks are on the rise in terms of design, and today, with the advent of technology, there are plenty of elegant keyless locks that can fit into any interior décor you have. There’s no need to worry that all keyless locks are bulky and bulky. Take a glance at the Schlage F365 Plymouth as an example. It has a slim, elegant design with a sophisticated look and comes in various finishes that will perfectly complement the style of your home’s door. With various lock designs available on car key maker near me, You don’t need to sacrifice style and beauty for robust security. You can now enjoy all the benefits of both!

⦁ Electronic Locks Can Be Difficult To Use

Modern electronic locks feature touchscreens with backlit keys and keypads to ensure that you do not need to look around in the dark to open the door. Electronic locks are very simple to use once set up and programmed correctly. If you want to set up the lock yourself, all reputable brands come with instruction manuals and online tutorial videos. But hiring a professional to install the electronic lock will eliminate confusion. You will also be able to get all your questions answered with a professionally available key maker locksmith Dubai.

⦁ They’re Not Practical For Business

From multi-family homes to vacation rental homes to shops, gyms, and offices to restaurants, the convenience, efficiency, and possibilities to grow your business are only some of the many advantages of investing in smart lock systems. Tenant and consumer expectations have drastically changed over the last few years as the smart home and Internet of Things devices have become the norm.

The investment in smart locks will provide an improved and more efficient experience for your customers and reduce the cost and risk that comes with frequently replacing keys that have been stolen or lost, which ultimately saves you the burden and costs of replacing keys. Enterprise solutions are cost-effective for companies of all sizes. A universal access control platform such as Remote Lock simplifies management as flexible, scalable, and future-proof, allowing for the ultimate flexibility.


There’s no need to be concerned about the source of your doubts. They are heard saying that it won’t do any good when you have to repair your locks. Don’t let these common myths stop you from enjoying a greater degree of security and convenience. Eliminate the old misconceptions and switch to a keyless system!

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