Top 7 Super Cool Telegram Messenger Tricks

Telegram came into the market in 2013 to give a tough competition to WhatsApp and since then, it has been on continuous and perpetual growth. It’s definitely a well-known fact that messaging apps play a notable role in our daily routine. Quick texts to check up on your friends or coordinating with your coworkers, messaging apps rule the social media. Telegram is one such app which now has 100+ million active users. Of course, we can’t compare it with other established apps like WhatsApp but we can’t even deny the fact that Telegram offers some really cool messaging features which no other app does.

Here we have compiled for you top 7 super cool Telegram Messenger tricks that will change the way you text.

1. Send Silent Messages

Have you ever pissed off your best friend unintentionally by sending continuous messages while he/she is sleeping? Well, Telegram has got your back. You can now send silent messages to anyone where it won’t make any sound or vibration without any DND mode turned on. All you need to do is tap and hold the ‘send’ button after typing your text and click on the ‘send without sound’ option. And voila! It’s done.

2. Edit Sent Messages

Telegram understands that you might make mistakes while messaging and thus believes in giving you the chance to correct it. You just have to click on the sent message, tap the ‘pen icon’ at the top, and edit your message easily. Even though the new message will appear with an ‘edited’ tag, it’s still awesome. Guess what, there are no time bounds to change the sent messages. You can edit them anytime if it’s in your ‘saved messages’ post. If it’s not, you can edit them anytime within 48 hours of sending them.

3. Delete Sender’s Message

Imagine if you are able to delete not only your messages but other people’s messages as well. Telegram’s new feature actually allows you to do so. To use this feature, click on the message you want to delete and tap on the ‘delete’ button. Then select the ‘delete for X’ option and tap ‘delete’. Now you have the message deleted for all without any evidence. Isn’t this crazy?

4. Self-Destruct Media in Normal Chats

This popular feature of self-destructing media was only available in ‘secret chats’ but with the new update has brought ‘Self-destruct media’ option even in normal chats. Click on the photo or video you want to send and through the ‘timer icon’, select the time after which you want the media to be deleted from everywhere. Thanks to Telegram, you will now be able to share secret media with your friends without any dangers.

5. Send Uncompressed Media

A major problem of all the other famous messaging apps is that it reduces the media quality by compressing it. While on WhatsApp, to prevent the media quality from degrading, you have to change the file extension to PDF or EXE, on Telegram you don’t have to go through so much hassle.

On Telegram, all you need to do is, after selecting your media, click on the 3-dot menu, and select ‘send without compression’. And that’s it, it’s done!

6. Stop Being Added to Random Groups

Do you often find yourself added to some strange random group on WhatsApp or Instagram or Facebook? Telegram, keeping its main focus on privacy, offers you a solution to this. You can change settings in the ‘Privacy and Security’ option in the ‘Setting menu’. Just change the ‘Groups’ option to ‘My contacts’ and ‘Add exceptions’ to ‘never allow’. It’s that easy!

7. Schedule Messages

Until now you must have seen this feature only in the emails but here Telegram is with all that you need. Just hold on the ‘send’ button after typing your text and click on the ‘schedule message’ option. Set the desired date, time and your message will be sent accordingly. Now you can sit tension-free and sip your cup of tea.

So, these were the top 7 super cool Telegram Messenger tricks we enlisted for you. Go and try these out soon and enjoy an all-new texting experience with Telegram.

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