Top 7 Time Saving G-Suite Tips

What is Google G-Suite?

G Suite (formerly Google Workspace) is a Google-developed suite of cloud-based business, productivity, and collaboration solutions. G Suite was previously known as Google Apps until 2016, when it was relaunched. G Suite is particularly popular among businesses in need of email hosting. However, G Suite includes a variety of other tools that, when utilized on a daily basis, can help your company enhance productivity and cooperation. G Suite Marketplace is an add-on to the G Suite platform. You can utilize Marketplace to install third-party cloud applications as part of your G Suite toolkit.

How to use G Suite?

There’s no denying that G Suite is a useful tool for businesses. It aids businesses in becoming more organized and productive, and it is simple to set up and utilize. It’s simple to navigate through G Suite’s core features and modify them to your specific workflow. According to a Forrester Research research, G Suite adoption rates are 85 percent in the first year and 100 percent in the second year. But are you certain you understand how to get the most out of G Suite and its apps? There are other features that are less well-known yet will make your job easier and more effective.

Top 7 G-Suite Time Saving Tips

  1. Protect your data by using Gmail’s confidential mode.
  2. Minimize tabs by using the research pane.
  3. In Google Docs, you can hide your view activity.
  4. Customize the search screen in Google Chrome and add shortcuts to your favorite websites.
  5. Ok Google, do my work.
  6. Start a Q&A session with Google slides.
  7. Can’t rescue the images from a Google Doc?

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