Top Advantages Of DHI For Men

Because of its benefits, the DHI approach is widely used. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of DHI hair transplant.

What Exactly Is Dhi Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplant is a procedure in which hair follicles from the donor region are moved to balding areas using special pencil-shaped equipment. A medical device that aids in the transplantation of grafts in DHI hair transplantation for men; performs grooving and hair follicles simultaneously. Other approaches require two phases to complete these processes, but the DHI method requires just one.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) refers to a direct hair transplant. DHI professionals execute the surgery with a medical pen called “Choi.” Grafts are harvested with a thin pencil and transplanted directly to the bald region without opening the channels in the DHI procedure. Hair transplantation is done in three steps to get a hair transplant for men. The first stage is the collecting of hair follicles, the second stage is channel opening, and the third stage is the hair follicle implant. The second stage is not required in the DHI approach. There is no need to open a channel or make an incision with the Choi pen. Hair follicles are implanted once they have been harvested.

What Are The Benefits Of Dhi Hair Transplantation?

  • In the DHI hair transplant process, hair roots may be transplanted more regularly. As a result, the transplant has a more natural appearance.
  • The pen utilized in the DHI procedure allows for simpler modification of the hair follicle transplanting angle.
  • The DHI pen creates channels in the hair follicle’s width. It retains the hair follicles better in their changing locations due to the channels available to the hair follicles.
  • DHI hair transplant causes the least amount of harm to the treated regions.
  • The application is made without making any incisions. There is hardly minimal bleeding throughout the process.
  • Therecovery time for DHI hair transplant is fairly short.
  • The existing hair is not harmed with the DHI process of hair transplantation.
  • People with incomplete hair loss benefit from the DHI procedure, which permits direct transplantation to the region of need.
  • Because the grooving and implantation of the hair follicles are done concurrently, the procedure takes less time.
  • Hair root loss is reduced during and after the procedure using the DHI approach.
  • In DHI hair transplant, there is no need to shave the existing hair. As a result, ladies who do not want to have their hair choppedduring transplantation may prefer it.
  • After DHI hair transplant, there is no visible scar.
  • The reason for using this procedure is that hair follicles may be implanted immediately after being gathered. This increases the retention rate of hair follicles. Because the longer the hair roots are preserved, the more vitality they lose.
  • This procedure enables for hair transplantation without causing tissue damage.
  • With this technology, hair transplants may be performed more frequently and with more natural results.
  • The existing hair is unharmed. This method can also be used on people who have not yet lost all of their hair.
  • The recovery time is short. The patient can complete his daily regimen in less time.
  • The cut area is smaller. As a result, the risk of blood
  • DHI hair implant makes unshaved hair transplant easy.

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