Top Aisle lights for theater in New York City

 How Aisle Lights Work for Theaters?

Aisle lights are a type of directional signage that provides information about what is in the aisle and where it is located. They are used as a way to direct users to different areas in theaters, stores and other places.

The most common types of aisle lights that you can find in the market are:

  • Indoor directional signage
  • Outdoor directional signage
  • Directional floor arrows
  • Directional wall signs


Theater aisle lights are generally the aisle lights that are used to highlight the route in the theaters. They are typically mounted on either side of an aisle or walkway and provide a narrow beam of light in order to guide people – find their seats in the theater, through an exit door, and onto the walkway.

Theater aisle lights also help people see what is happening on the screen better by providing more light at eye level and not just in front of them. These lights are even used in conjunction with other types of stage lights, like spotlights and cyclorama lights.

Best Supply Store to Buy Aisle Lights for Theater

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