Top and Best Quality Sewage Treatment Plant: Aqua Pristine

At Aqua Pristine, our services in environmental sector include concept to commissioning of wastewater treatment plants for the industries and Sewage Treatment Plant.  Operation and maintenance contracts of sewage / wastewater treatment plants, construction management and supervision including turnkey installation of the complete plant, environmental impact assessment studies and environmental audits, design of water supply and sewerage systems for the townships, environmental management planning and design of disposal structures. The services in structural sector is for structural design of treatment units and overhead tanks, designing of intake well and its construction and supervision, design of bridges, culverts and ports.

The most preferred type of sewage treatment plant is that involving aerobic bacteria. The Anaerobic bacteria are equally capable of decomposing and breaking down the sludge but during the process, they generate and release harmful gases such as H2S and methane which are toxic and dangerous for aquatic organisms.

For cost-effective pollution control, a thorough understanding of the nature and properties of your company’s effluent is essential. As well as having information about the type and concentration of pollutants present, it is important to appreciate pollutant flows and loadings under all possible scenarios.

You need to know what you are dealing with to ensure that the correct technology and appropriate control measures are used. This applies to all types of ETP, from simple plant where the effluent is neutralised before discharge to sewer, to more complex facilities employing physical and biological processes. For example, measures to segregate or mix particular waste streams may make them easier to treat. The Effluent Treatment Plant should be considered at least as important as any other production unit. 

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