Top Bangalore CBSE Schools for Classes 11 and 12 Near Me

If you are a resident of Bangalore and concerned about the availability of good CBSE schools near you for classes 11 and 12, there really is no need to worry. 

Having always been a city known for some of the best schools in the country, Bangalore is pretty well served that way. Whether it be the exclusive international schools in Whitefield or the slew of top-rated CBSE schools, Bangalore has a large number of those.

However, for one to make the correct choice of school for one’s child or children, there are a few factors that one might want to take into consideration.

  1. Fee

The kind of fee that a good CBSE school for classes 11 and 12 or for that matter an international school charges definitely has a bearing on your budget. If the school of your choice is beyond your budget, you could check if the school offers any kind of scholarship. This would help you mitigate the cost. Alternatively, you could finalize a school that is almost as good but charges a lower fee.

2. Infrastructure and facilities

These days it is well understood that education is a holistic process that involves both academics and extra and co curricular activities. A school that boasts a great campus replete with cutting edge classrooms, canteen, library, auditoriums, playfields, and sports facilities and equipment will be able to provide the right enabling environment for a child’s all-around growth and development.

3. Academics

A school’s academic track record is a top priority too, for at the end of the day a parent does want one’s child to do well at their studies, so as to brighten their prospects for higher studies. It, therefore, makes sense for one to check out the academic track record of a school, before putting one’s child there.

4. Review and feedback

It is always a great idea to read online reviews of a school, as well as take other parents’ feedback about how good the school in your neighborhood that you have chosen for your child or children is. Obtaining advice from people whose children study or have studied at that particular school is always a great way to get a sense of how good it actually is.

5. The actual distance from home

Though Bangalore is a place most people would like to live in, it does suffer from a chronic traffic problem. It, therefore, makes sense to find out as to exactly how far the school in your neighborhood is, in terms of the time taken to reach there from home. If getting to school and back is a daily struggle, it would be better to choose another one that is more easily accessible.


Bangalore is known throughout the country and even abroad for its great schools. No wonder parents from all over the country want to put their children into a nice international or CBSE school in Bangalore since there are various options available. 

In fact, a lot of NRIs residing abroad want to send their children to Bangalore for their senior secondary education since Bangalore has some of India’s best International schools and CBSE schools for classes 11 and 12.

Fortunately, Bangalore has a great number of schools to cater to this growing demand. Every school has a unique feature that makes it better than the other. It is for the parents to see all the aspects and decide which school perfectly meets their requirements. 

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