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If you really care about the earth and its environment, and want a career which would help you stay connected and work for the environment, B.Sc Environmental science is the right pick for you. A fair amount of colleges offer B.Sc in Environmental science in India, but Amity University Punjab is considered to be one of the Top BSc Environmental Science Colleges in Punjab.

Amity University Ground

Amity University Ground

BSc Environmental Science is a program that will benefit students while simultaneously helping to enhance nature and protect natural resources. In India, environmental science is one of the required subjects. A large number of Companies are working towards eco-friendly solutions and the Government is investing rapidly in sustainable energy, therefore creating a great amount of opportunities for students to work and grow as a part of this industry.

Choose the best :

Amity University Punjab offers a 3-year course for B.Sc in Environmental Science. The faculty at Amity is focused on a holistic approach towards the Earth systems in order to learn from the past, comprehend the present and influence the future.

Learning B.Sc Environmental science with Amity Punjab will equip the students with an armoury of skills to take into the professional world, including the ability to analyze problems, to work collaboratively as part of a team, and to develop field, laboratory, numeracy and communication skills.

They impart knowledge in students about the :

  • Ecological system

  • Natural Resource management

  • Pollution Management Techniques

  • Environment Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Protection laws and

  • Environmental Economics etc.

At Amity students will be eligible to participate in a variety of research projects aimed at enhancing their understanding of nature. This will enable them to deal with a variety of global environmental concerns. Amity Punjab offers a well-equipped, dedicated study area providing a place for relaxation and somewhere to work with your fellow students within the Department.

B.Sc Environment science program at Amity spans diverse subjects such as :

  • Biology

  • Environmental science

  • Ecology

  • Geography

  • Social science

  • Technology etc.

Scope & Career :

Pursuing B.Sc in Environmental Science from Amity opens up a diverse career options in Private as well as Public organizations. Students can also pursue further studies and take up assignments in colleges and universities.

Some of the eminent sectors that employ Environmental Science students include :

  • Pollution control boards

  • Water authority

  • Urban planning organizations

  • Food processing industries

  • Refineries

  • Distilleries

  • Fertilizer plants etc.

If you are determined to study and save the environment, Amity University Punjab is the best pick for you. Also, if you are looking for the best college for fashion designing in punjab, or the best B.Sc (Food Technology) Colleges in Punjab , you are at the right place.

Amity University Punjab offers the best curriculum and a world class infrastructure to bring the best out of the students and make it an interesting experience while their time at the University.

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