Top Chidambaram Tourist Places To Visit in 2023

Chidambaram, also known as the ‘Sacred City of the Seasons’, is a popular destination for tourists in Tamil Nadu. This historic city is home to several tourist places that are worth visiting if you’re planning a trip to Tamil Nadu. 

From ancient temples to beautiful lakes, here are five of the most popular Chidambaram tourist places. Continue reading this Chidambaram travel guide to know more about these places.

List of Chidambaram tourist places


  • Pichavaram Mangrove Forest


Pichavaram is the largest mangrove forest in Tamil Nadu and is on the border of Chidambaram. This is one of the most scenic places in the whole of Tamil Nādu. Reaching this area is easy and takes only a few hours to reach Chidambaram. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride here, which makes their treat unique. 

The Mangrove forests give the guise of being bigger when viewed from the inside. The boats glide through the narrow canals where trees from either side arch towards each other, forming a green cover. It is a beautiful little world despite being cut off from the outside world. It is a joy to see this area’s mangrove forests, unspoiled waters, and blue skies.


  • Kali Temple


This unique temple is one of the famous Chidambaram tourist places. It is devoted to Goddess Kali at the northern end of the city. Kopperunjingan built this famous Thillai Kaliamann Temple. He ruled the area between 1229 and 1278 A.D., marking the astral dance battle between Kali and Shiva.


  • Annamalai University


In 1929, Dr. Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar of the Chettinad region set up this deluxe university. It is one of the nation’s top educational centers and is over 300 acres of land. It is the main center for learning Tamil books and Carnatic music. In addition, there is the usual choice of courses in drug, engineering, and other fields.

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