Top Differences Between A Home Builder And A Handyman Builder

You will agree with me that we need a handyman from time to time, but when looking to make a significant investment such as building a new home, should you go for a handyman? Well, that where building contractors come in.

Are you looking for a builder in cape town? Here are some of the differences between a handyman and a builder.

A Handyman Might Not Be Licensed

Different places require some licensing credentials for different contractors, including handymen. Licensing is vital in that it gives your handyman credentials and some proof of legitimacy. Contractors need to comply with the regulations, from setting up client job bids and insurance protection to contractual agreements.

Different handymen are not aware of the set rules and will put you and themselves at risk. Trustworthy building contractors have a complete awareness of their ethical and legal responsibilities to different customers. It’s a relief to many homeowners and reduces stress.


Handymen Use More Subs That You Might Not Trust

Most handymen cannot do it all. There is a lot to be done in a house – the plumbing, electricity, maintenance, etc. When they can’t do it all, they will get some subcontractors or ask you to hire some.

If you choose to hire them yourself, you will have to vet each of them, thus putting more pressure on yourself. It even time-consuming, frustrating, and costly.

On the contrary, professional cape town builders use very few subs since they only hire experts on a full-time basis. In case they need a plumber, electrician, or a specially licensed person, they will always have someone trustworthy on call. These will be subs that they have worked with time and time again. You get to enjoy an exceptional product with minimal legwork.

A Handyman Is Not a Designer

Professional builders give you the opportunity to design your house together with them, making them ideal, especially if you need to build your dream home. Most Cape Town companies offer building services that include sitting down with a design team whereby you can consider different choices from landscaping to square footage.

If you insist on working with a designer, you have to bring a designer or an architect on board. That means that you have to go around looking for a skillful engineer or an architect to come up with an excellent plan for your perfect home. After that, you will have to deliver the specifications to the handyman you have identified for interpretation and the actual building. To be honest, serious communication errors can happen in the process.

As for me, if you did plan it, don’t build it. Plan it, then build it. Look for a professional cape town building services; they already have the plans you need for your dream house.

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