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While the world is facing the brunt of the pandemic, Netflix is all set to do its bit. Netflix has always entertained not one but many since its inception, but these days the platform is taking the path less traveled. There was a time when the platform provided free access to documentaries that focus on crucial issues of nature and society to schools so that they can make their students watch them in special sessions. This move was intended to impart the critical concerns of the natural environment to the tiny tots. However, when all the students are studying from home these days, the platform did not fail to do its bit in quality education mission. It has now come up with the idea of bringing some of its best knowledgeable documentaries on YouTube, for free, just for curious young minds. To make this useful for the kids, teachers can allot documentaries to watch in this lockdown. The documentaries are fit for both students and teachers to widen their knowledge horizons.

The eight documentaries are as follows:

  1. Our Planet

This one is a suitcase of knowledge that the regular textbooks fail to provide. The documentary focuses on the living planet Earth, and beautifully expresses the importance of its natural beauty. It also focuses on the adverse effects of some of the human practices that mother earth had to face. It also leaves some questions in mind that will provoke the students to research more.

  1. Knock Down the House

An inspiring plot for the students will not let their morale go down in the current sad times. How a social caste can come to power and bring changes for the society, will give the students moments of ovations.

  1. The White Helmets

It is a story of brave-hearted men who took the responsibility to rescue the innocent ones during Syria and Turkey fights. The turmoil gets serious, and so does the story plot. Yet, victory is sure to come.

  1. Babies

The initial years of our lives are the most beautiful ones. Sadly, we don’t remember much of the information about those days. Babies will take you to the lives of 4 infants. The record of their initial years is a must-watch for some interesting facts.

  1. Chasing Coral

In this era of rapid climate and ecological change, we come across so many species getting in the list of endangered ones. Yet, could you ever have thought of the extinction of a coral reef. The news of coral reefs getting endangered is blowing the minds of scientists and photographers. Thus, they set out on a mission to find the truth.

  1. Explained

This one will not only provide a bunch of information, but it will also give the much-required motivation to students and teachers to do their bit for the society and the planet. With every detail easily, “explained,” the show will give you insights that you never knew were true.

  1. 13th

Focusing on the 13th Amendment to the US constitution, this one will throw light on the sort of oppressions some races are suffering within the happy looking society we live in. It will tempt the students to look out of the window and find flaws in the systems. Justice shall prevail!

  1. Period. End of a Sentence

It is an inspiring story where Indian women break the glass ceiling by vanishing all stigmas around menstruation. Talking loud and clear about menstruation is important. Periods are normal basic processes, and they must be treated normally. The Indian women make their own pads and write their own stories in red blood. The report will encourage teen girls to fight for their rights. Young boys, too, will understand the importance of talking about the issue openly and respectfully. Menstruation is nothing to be whispered.

All the above-listed documentaries will not only entertain the students but will also make their stay-at-home times productive. The purpose is to make them aware of what’s going in the world outside their classrooms. After watching all of these, they will definitely be having a new perspective on life, societal norms, and mother earth. Thanking Netflix for this kind effort is essential. The platform very well understood the importance of learning without classrooms. There should be no obstacles in the learning path.

Rdx Tango is an avid technical blogger, a magazine, a publisher of guides at Blogs World, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Source:- Top Documentaries Free on YouTube by Netflix

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