Top Eight Things You Need In Your Kitchen Right Now

Top Eight Things You Need In Your Kitchen Right Now from Haus Hooga

When you have your own place to live, you’d want to stay in a place that’s up to your taste. The Internet has made it possible to get your hands on things from home decor online stores far beyond your geographical limits.

So, here we list eight items that can definitely spice things up in the kitchen. 




  1. Runa Bowls Collections

Runa Bowls Collections - tableware set








This tableware set is inspired by the beautiful lotus flower. Once all the bowls are stacked up, it transforms into a graceful lotus flower. You can choose between pink-purple and green. These bowls ooze beauty and elegance while being practical and stylish at the same time. 


  1. Riki 24 Piece Eating Utensils:

Riki 24 Piece Eating Utensils - kitchen utensil set








This entire kitchen utensil set is made out of stainless making it strong and durable. It has an attractive, contemporary design and perfect for everyday dining. Riki’s are perfect to be at the heart of your contemporary home. These eating utensils feel modern and uncluttered at your dining table.


  1. Kal Lemon Squeezer:

Kal Lemon Squeezer - kitchen products








The Kal range of lemon squeezers is an essential part of your kitchen products, especially when you crave a lemonade after a hot day. These lemon squeezers are playful, modern and made with quality and care. The squeezer is made from stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting. Also available in a variety of colours.


  1. Kintsugi Cup And Saucer Set:

Kintsugi Cup And Saucer Set - Cup And Saucer








This cup and saucer set has been carefully designed to celebrate Kintsugi design from Japan with bone china teaware. Their hundred-year-old patterning is recognized with the sweeping marbling in on colours and decadent gold tones.  


  1. Alarr 12 Piece Cooking Utensils Set:

Alarr 12 Piece Cooking Utensils Set - cookware utensils








These cookware utensils are environmentally friendly, heat resistant, safe & easy to clean. They are made from good grade silicon and acacia wood. They can handle your everyday cooking needs and also becomes a fine collection for your kitchen utensils collection.


  1. Luxe Teakwood Plate Collection:

Luxe Teakwood Plate Collection - dining ware set








Wooden objects in a kitchen or dining set definitely add to the charm and speciality. These teakwood dining ware set are made with a unique grain and smooth wooden finish, which takes you back to nature and its warmth. These plates incorporate modern design styles while still being a contemporary dining set. 


  1. Arndís Oven Dish:

Arndís Oven Dish - dining tableware








These oven dishes beautifully made and are perfect for serving, baking, and cooking. The Arndís range has its every dining tableware designed to encapsulate the wonderful mix of contemporary design, authenticity & handmade quality.


  1. Skaoi Sushi Dish:

Skaoi Sushi Dish - dining ware set








When there’s Japanese-inspired cuisine at the table, you need Skaoi Sushi Dish to commemorate it. The intricate decorations are based on a traditional design that goes back centuries, yet they subtly modern. The dining ware set combines elegant and traditional Japanese ceramics with state-of-the-art silicone printing techniques to offer a clean contemporary design.


So, which ones are you going to get your hands on? Your kitchen needs a revamp, and here are 8 top things that will definitely get the kitchen talk going. Get shopping!

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