Top Email Template Building Sites for Your Promotional Needs

Top Email Template Building Sites for Your Promotional Needs

In today’s world where digital marketing has become one of the most crucial aspects of every business, email marketing has proved itself to be the most overwhelmingly successful strategy and power tool for both customer attraction and retention. No business can thrive on just one of these aspects. Lack of a constant increase of customers has proved to be equally important as it is to rope in new ones. Email marketing has made its place on top of the list, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Building an HTML template is needed for the process to make it accessible and every alteration to a new mail is not something you have to do from scratch. Don’t worry, and it only sounds like a lot of work.

The market has several email template builders present on the internet for ease of access, and they can help a user to create a new template to fit their requirements swiftly and automatically. But multiple options can also pose its issue- increased confusion.

The best way to select a template builder is to look at the advantages it holds that are used regularly. Some of them are

  1. Better Design Features: the Template builders help to arrange and sort all the content as per your priority, putting your most used features in the forefront and the least used ones a little farther away.
  2. Initial time savings: the mechanics of a template builder is easy to operate, with reliable features and time-saving possibility
  3. Long term saving: yes, the investment may look like a cumbersome expense at this point of time, but the savings that you will incur in the long run.
  4. Replication: if you used your email template for one campaign and managed to receive success with it, you don’t have to go through the hassle of redesigning it from the scratch like you did the previous time. The builders let you replicate the previous template and begin promotions in no time.

To the untrained eye, it will be tough to decide the best option from the ones available that best suits the user. But you have landed in the right place. Here is a list of top email templates and the burden it may have on your pockets. This list compiles all the details that you may need before narrowing down on your favourite template:


In the market of email marketing, MailChimp is pretty much on top of the list for every company. The fact that it’s easy to understand and implement makes it an attractive option for all. One can use the site’s free alternative to build their first-ever template on the site, and if on a later stage of promotion, they feel that the template that is being used could be better with more features, the site lets you unlock the features via paid subscription. But in case you feel that the paid subscription is not the road you want to go down, the free version has ample benefits in itself like 100+ templates, well-developed sharing options, well-maintained customer service, tool integration etc. For the ones who want unfettered access, the fee is set at a meagre 14.99 US dollar per month for the standard plan.

BEE Free

An online editor, BEE Free holds a customer base of more than a million people. The well-organized way in which the site is built ensures that your dream template is just a few clicks away. The default version has upwards of 150 templates to choose from and offers integration with SaaS apps. It tracks your progress and saves it for you to begin from the same point the next time you return. As the name suggests, the site is primarily free for you to use in case you have a small scale requirement and do not want a wide variety of upgrades. But the free options are not enough a 15 US Dollar per month payment unlocks all possibilities for you


This builder is put in this list but has its sense of rarity because it is an open-source template builder. The site left behind the overused drag-and-drop feature and also ensures that the templates are not suggestive or pre designed to choose from. The site is not only entirely free, but the code has been made available on GitHub.


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