Essential oils have been around us for years, and many studies have revealed their health impacts on the human body. They are helpful in treating various illnesses and are considered a vital part of complementary medicines. These positive findings of essential oils made them trending in the field of sports as well.

According to the research, essential oils can improve the depression, anxiety, and neurological functions of athletes. There are many examples, such as peppermint oil, significantly improving athletes’ lung functions when used before the event. Moreover, the citrus and spearmint essential oil also helps in enhancing the performance of athletes.

As an athlete, if you are curious to know about the best essential oils in the market. Keep reading this blog! It could help you in your future tournaments.

1.      Run With Peppermint Oil

A droplet of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. Consuming it for ten consecutive days in a drink can increase 51% lung function while decreasing 25% of the exhaustion level. Basically, an athlete with peppermint oil consumption can run faster and longer than the average athlete.

2.      Relax With Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is extensively known for its calming and relaxing qualities that reduce anxious feelings in athletes. It works wonderfully when used one night before a stressful race because it helps relax athletes’ nerves and makes them ready for a long run the next day.

3.      Massage With Deep Blue Oil

The deep blue oil works amazingly on sore muscles after a hard workout. It provides a comforting sensation of cooling or warmth to the problematic area of your body.

Sports practitioners also recommend using deep blue oil for massaging and rubbing on athletes’ sore muscles after a long run.

4.      Energize with Wild Orange Oil

For an athlete, the boost of extra energy matters a lot. Wild orange helps in consuming that energy factor with a refreshing aroma before and during the workout.

Wild orange oil holds powerful antioxidants that can support and enhance athletes’ immunity system when added to the water.

5.      Stay Clean With Lemon Oil

Lemon, when drinking hot or cold with water, gives extraordinary benefits. Similarly, lemon oil works to cleanse the body of athletes and aids in digestion. In fact, it is a great way to calm a nervous stomach before the tournament.

Lemon oil also assists with seasonal respiratory discomfort and supports healthy respiratory functions among athletes.

6.      Breathing With Breathe Oil

Breathe oil is a blend of several essential oils that help maintain the feelings and clear the airways for fresh breathing while running to chase the race. It is one of the best essential oils 2021 for athletes.

In A Nutshell

For athletes, it is essential to pay attention to the immune system for long and endurance races that can take a toll on their immunity system. However, with the extra support of essential oils, athletes can fight sickness and exhaustion.

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