Top Fabric Trends for Spring/Summer you Need to Know

With every new season comes to a unique array of styles, patterns, textures, etc. and to stay updated sometimes becomes a need. This time we have come up with the fabric trends.

Fluid Fabrics

With all the digitization of happening in every direction, this theme is a star. Our innate urge to touch, feel, and connect with shiny surfaces personifies as fluid fabrics and silk mirrors become a central feature of this season.


It is highly advanced and performing fabrics, which give enhanced levels of protection and functionality. It is reflective, light as feather textiles, high compression fabrics, and have ultra-strong fibers.

Silver Yarn

In the spring and summer of 2020, the shinning silver yarn fabrics evolved from the favored metal style within the 1990s will steal the spotlight. The youth tend to use them to make a more casual mix-and-match style, combining retro style and stylish future sense.


The lure is a trend that sees a new level of luster features, materials, and trims that will be the consumer’s attention for sure. The attraction of this trend is the fantastic luminosity and brightness that can be achieved without neglecting the luxury level of touch.


Linen trousers and even jackets have long been a part of the classic summer collection. Linen lends itself to the present quite design beautifully, meaning it’s likely to be a well-liked choice. Lighter colors will be particularly popular. Buy Lining Fabric Online from The Fabric Guys. We have the trending fabrics and Lawn Cotton Fabric for your clothing need.

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