Top-Features Users Find Useful In Licensed Microsoft Office Version

Microsoft Office is considered a dominating software for computer systems. The application can also be used on different mobile phones and iPods. The software integrates different types of application software including Excel and PowerPoint.


  • The software keeps upgrading new features for users
  • It offers a very comfortable work experience for users
  • You can always add new features to the already existing ones


You can go through the essential features of different apps including Microsoft Publisher 2013 online. Some features make the application more useful for users.


  • Collaborative features


Micro soft offers numerous collaborative features for users. The features can be used by the employees of your organization. The features will allow the employees of the team to stay connected when working on any document.


You can integrate different apps offered by Microsoft to stay collaborative. This means that you can use the Microsoft presentation and word document at the same time on the same platform.


  • Sharing benefits


Being collaborative also means that the system is easy to integrate. Any organization might want to use a system that allows them to share documents and works with other employees in the office. This is one of the features you get when using Microsoft applications.


You can install Microsoft Outlook 2013 so sharing becomes easier for your staff and clients. It is possible to share all types of documents and presentations online or offline. This is one advantage that you get when using MS office.


  • URL and file sharing


If you are still using the older version of Microsoft Office software then you are unable to share large files and URLs with your clients. To enable the sharing, users have to send the files as email attachments. Today, the latest version of Microsoft Office offers this convenience.


It is easy to share large files and URLs with a simple click. You can enable the private URL sharing feature as well. Users can benefit as they can maintain privacy when sharing files and URLs within the group. Files and URLs are easy to download by anyone.


  • Easy retrieval


What happens if you accidentally delete a document or a file on your system? It is never easy to retrieve a lost file or document. If you are using Microsoft Onenote 2013 then you do not face this issue. The application software allows users to easily retrieve the deleted files from a safe location.


You can also save the files as drafts so it is possible to track changes. In case any new improvement needs to be made, it is possible. You can always benefit from Microsoft features.


  • Word look-up feature


Searching for a word that you do not know means you may have to go through the complete thesaurus. But now you can always install an advanced version of Microsoft office software. It is equipped with smart look-up features.


This is one of the features that makes it more convenient to search for any word. You can track the work and its meaning from the online dictionary as well. You can also make use of the outlook groups. Receiving and sending emails is more convenient. You may not need to log in to your email account.

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