Top Five Movie Plot Twists of The Last Two Decades

Everyone enjoys a good twist in the plot of the movie. Most of the movie buffs watch these movies just to enjoy these sudden twists. This article discusses five of the best movie plot twists that have left many stunned.[1]  Let’s explore the best movies with some of the most unexpected plot twists.

Best Movie Plot Twists You Can Enjoy


Christopher Nolan is the master of plot twists and with Memento he does exactly what is expected of his films. The film is told in reverse with the lead character Leonard Shelby (played splendidly by Guy Pearce), a temperamental storyteller. Leonard is inflicted by a functional condition of memory loss and can’t recall things that occurred in the past 15 mins, so to remember them, he uses photos, writes notes, inks small messages on his body. It Is crucial to discover “John G,” the individual purportedly liable for murdering his wife while his condition likewise implies he’s effortlessly controlled by people around him.

Plot Twist: Leonard is in control of the people around him. Explicitly Teddy (Joe Pantoliano), a cop who’s basically utilizing Leonard to execute those whom he wants to see dead[2] , by fooling him into believing they are liable for his wife’s murder. When the story starts to uncover, it hints on the fact that Leonard’s story of himself is also a lie creating an impression of not knowing what to trust.

Mulholland Drive

The story moves around Betty (Naomi Watts) who aspires to become an actor and a secretive lady suffering from amnesia, called Rita (Laura Henning) who breaks into her condo. It is when both of them decide to figure out what had happened with Rita, is when things go completely upside down.

Plot Twist: Being a David Lynch film that it is, the twist of the plot is not what can be expected of. Yet, the film concludes with the fact of Betty not being who she thought she is. Her name is Dianne and she is an actor who could not make it big for herself. She has been hallucinating all through the events. The appeal of Hollywood is a fabrication of Diane’s harmed mind, and actually, she’s come with goals of acclaim and she has been totally broken by the city.


Hereditary is a film that focuses on the details. After the unexpected passing of their grandma,[3]  Ellen, a lamenting family battles to get back to their usual life. Later, when the grave was vandalised, Annie (Toni Collette) gets a vision of Ellen at home, and it turns out to be evident that there was a much more obscure hold of the family home by Ellen than her family knew of. Afterwards, when another unexpected family member takes steps to destroy them totally, Annie visits a grief-support group where she meets Joan, who urges her to attempt a seance.

Twist: Ellen had been a part of the coven devoted to bringing an evil spirit called Paimon, which needs a male host for possession.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is about two U.S. marshals’ visit to a mental office to find a patient who has been missing and is suspected of suffocating her kids. In any case, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is one of the agents, has an ulterior intention in taking the activity — he likewise needs to locate one more patient, an illegal conflagrationist called Andrew Laeddis, who has been liable for executing his wife.

Plot Twist: Teddy Daniels was a patient. His real name is Andrew Laeddis. He had executed his own spouse after she suffocated their kids. The whole investigation has been a demonstration engineered by lead therapist John Cawley (Ben Kingsley).

Gone Girl

David Fichtner’s Gone Girl is a motion picture adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel with the same name. The story revolves around a married couple where the wife suddenly disappears and the husband becomes the usual suspect of her murder. The husband, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) files a report with the police to find his missing wife. The police get to a point where they have failed to find the wife and the case has already gathered the attention of the media, Nick starts to become the suspect of the case.

Plot Twist: Neither Nick is the killer nor Amy is dead. She had been hanging out in the Ozark after she discovered that Nick had been cheating on her. She also is a sociopath who has been leaving clues that would make Nick susceptible[4]  to the murder.

For all the twist lovers, these five films are going to be a win-win with the unexpected twists and turn that they throw at the audience.

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