Top five trends in the jewellery market

As the world increasingly moves online, so too does the jewellery market. The online jewellery market in India is growing rapidly, with new trends emerging every day. In this article, Global Photo Edit, the leading Online Jewellery photo editing service in India will take a look at the top five trends in jewellery, so that you can be ahead of the curve when it comes to your own e-commerce business!

Oversized and statement pieces with layering 

Bigger is better when it comes to jewellery. Statement pieces that make a bold impact are very popular, especially when they can be worn in multiple ways.

Layering different pieces of jewellery is a great way to create a unique look. It also allows you to mix and match different metals, textures, and styles. As consumers have become more aware of the impact their purchase choices have on the environment, they are increasingly looking for ethical and sustainable options.

This is especially true for jewellery, which often uses materials that are mined from the earth. Many online jewellers are now offering ethical and sustainable jewellery made from recycled or responsibly sourced materials.

Mixed metals instead of only gold

Gone are the days when you had to stick to one metal type. Now, it’s all about mixing and matching different metals for a more eclectic look. There is a growing trend towards customized jewellery, with customers wanting pieces that are unique and personal to them.

Online jewellers are responding to this demand by offering more and more options for customization, from choosing your own gemstones to designing your own engagement ring.

Personalized pieces

Personalized jewellery is always a hit, whether it’s engraved with a special message or includes birthstones or other personal details. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to delicate, everyday pieces. Simple designs with a minimalist aesthetic are very popular right now.

Customers want products that are unique to them and that reflect their personal style. Many online jewellers are now offering customization options, so customers can create their own one-of-a-kind

Online jewellery purchase


With the increasing popularity of Jewellery selling websites, there is a growing demand for Photo Editing Services in India that can make jewellery look more appealing in photographs. This is especially true for Indian customers, who are often sceptical about buying jewellery sight unseen. Professional Online Jewellery Photo Editing Services in India can help increase the chances of a sale by making the jewellery look its best.

Touch and feel

Style and fashion are personal choices, but there are certain trends that stand out in the online jewellery market. When it comes to shopping for jewellery online, customers want to be able to touch and feel the products before they make a purchase.

This is why many online jewellery retailers are now offering “try before you buy” services. Customers can request a sample of the product they’re interested in and try it on at home before making a decision.

Social media marketing 

This trend is being driven by the increasing popularity of social media. Customers are now more likely to discover new brands and products through social media than through traditional advertising. As a result, they’re also more likely to trust recommendations from friends and influencers than from brands themselves.

Another trend that’s being driven by social media is the rise of “flash sales”. These are short-term sales events, often lasting just 24 hours, where jewellers offer huge discounts on their products. Flash sales are a great way to create a sense of urgency and drive up sales.


Final Word


If you’re in the jewellery market, it’s time to follow these trends. If you are not selling jewellery online yet, it’s time to switch from offline to online mode or blend mode. For supreme quality images on websites, contact Global Photo Edit, Online Jewellery Photo Editing Services in India.

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