Top Four Data & Analytics Cloud Migration Use Cases

Organizations on a modernization path usually opt for Cloud migration for accelerating, automating, and advancing their data-driven decisions. Migrating data and analytics (D&A) to the cloud is a crucial step toward modernization and improving business outcomes. If you’re still having second thoughts about migrating your D&A to the cloud, here are some cloud migration case studies that can shed light on how impactful it can be when implemented correctly.

1. Big data platform modernization and cloud adoption for increased efficiency

A US-based financial institution uncovered more than $10M of new revenue potential when InfoCepts modernized its big data operations and data engineering capabilities. The move also set the stage for accelerated cloud development from legacy systems to a modern data platform. Now, the company is using ad hoc analytics to drive better business decisions. Accelerated cloud migration initiatives also enhanced the company’s data engineering efforts and revenues, allowing their teams to speed up time-to-market for new financial products. See the case study.

2. Cloud migration democratizes data and analytics

This cloud migration case study involves a global luxury travel retailer and its successful migration to the cloud and the modernization of its data and analytics platform. The solution reduced the company’s operating costs by 30 percent, expanded the user base by 35 percent, and improved system performance by 20 percent. Before cloud migration, the retailer used an on-premise Netezza-based platform that was expensive to operate and had become inadequate for its growing data and analytics needs. See the case study.

3. Accelerated cloud migration and automated reconciliation for a pharma analytics firm

InfoCepts helped a pharmaceutical analytics company migrate its enterprise data platform to the cloud without affecting business continuity. This drove significant performance improvements. Staff effort decreased by 80 percent, and the firm realized savings in terms of maintenance, hardware, and software costs over the next five years. See the case study.

4. Accelerated cloud adoption with InfoCepts cloud roadmap advisory and implementation

An American mass media and entertainment conglomerate saved $7.5M with InfoCepts’ cloud roadmap advisory and implementation services for its petabyte-scale platform. InfoCepts defined and executed a cloud migration strategy for the firm’s large sales analytics system, resulting in better reliability, security, and scalability. See the case study.

Cloud-based data & analytics has tremendous potential across industries but risk-free migrations with zero downtime needs extensive expertise and the correct strategy to realize its full long-term value.

About the author:

Ambar is a Marketing Consultant at InfoCepts and provides business development, marketing, and sales enablement expertise to help promote business growth and improve brand awareness. He has worked on numerous go-to-market strategies, external campaigns, global events, and has helped create content that genuinely adds value. Working closely with clients, Ambar has helped build innovative solutions across technology practices like data & analytics, cloud, AI, robotics, hyper-automation, and application modernization. He has more than 10 years of experience, holds a master’s degree in business administration, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

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