Top Gift Picks for Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day, you get the opportunity to tell the special mom in your life how important she is to you. You can say it to her through words, and you can show her through a gift as well. Finding her a distinctive gift—something special to warm her heart—is a thoughtful way to show her what a great mom she is. To help you come up with ways to express your love, here are a few gift ideas for celebrating mom on May 12.

A Memory Box Full of Keepsakes

If your mom doesn’t have a distinctive, special memory box, she probably would love to receive one. It’s a specific place for her to store sentimental items that she wants to keep but not necessarily display. With a memory box, she could safely store items she doesn’t want to lose or throw away, items like tickets to special events, photos, jewelry, cards from special occasions, letters, and other important mementos. A finely crafted wooden box with a carving on the front is a beautiful celebration of the relationship between mother and daughter.

A Musical Figure

Fill the room with the sound of delicate and soft music. A hand-painted musical figure that turns gracefully to the sound of music playing is a special gift for mom that she’d certainly appreciate. Musical figures make meaningful gifts for Mother’s Day or on a special day to recognize godparents or commemorate a baptism. Consider gifting one to your mother and perhaps even using another as a thoughtful sister gifts option so you all think of each other when you pass yours by or enjoy its sweet music.

A Hand-Carved Sculpture

Give a gift that truly speaks to your mother with a figurative sculpture that focuses on gestures and form, a piece that both the giver and receiver understand. Willow Tree® figurines by artist Susan Lordi are perfect expressions of love and the special relationships we share. Her mother and child figures, for instance, serve as important reminders of milestones in every mom’s life. There’s sure to be a piece that speaks to you personally among Lordi’s intimate line of hand-painted sculptures. Your mom will treasure Lordi’s sculptural artwork forever.

A Spiritual Ornament

Truly memorable ornaments make perfect gifts to celebrate all sorts of special occasions and life milestones. When hung on a tree, an angel ornament in prayer can be a metaphor for peace, beauty, and love. Or, it can symbolize anything inspirational in your mother’s life and adorn a space on the wall year-round. Choose a figurative ornament that you’re sure will hold meaning for both of you, maybe one with a heartfelt message written on the back as well. She will always be reminded of Mother’s Day when she looks at her ornament from you.

About Willow Tree®

Willow Tree® offers the quiet beauty of artist Susan Lordi’s intimate line of figurative sculptures. Her Willow Tree® sculptural figures tenderly express love, closeness, healing, courage, and hope—all the emotions of a life well-lived. Lordi has designed and created Willow Tree® sculptures for the past 20 years in her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. You can find a variety of sculptural figures and artful products, including wedding presents, religious gifts, housewarming items, thoughtful memorial gifts, and much more from Willow Tree®.

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