Top Innovative Companies In India

Companies use innovative ways to achieve their strategic goals. They make and follow relevant and clear strategies and implement them to make a lead in the market. Companies can become financially successful because of their innovation and they take the risks without fear. The article lists the top innovative companies.

The main areas of innovation in India are E-commerce, medicine, milk and more. The following is the list of innovative companies in India:


It made selling popular through social media networks for the people. People can sell to their networks using their social media accounts. It currently has two million resellers on its platform.

Milk Mantra

It helps to track the quality and the quantity of milk produced by the farmers. This helps the farmers to decide the market value of their product. This helped to boost the productivity of thousands of farmers by 31% and income by 57%.


It has developed a new pediatric AIDS drug called – Quadrimune. It comes as strawberry-flavored granules which can be taken by mixing in water or milk or sprinkling on baby cereal.


This mobile app connects 150,000 traders, wholesalers and retailers in India. It allows small and medium-sized businesses to do business directly with the manufacturers. It developed a B2B marketplace for 2 million retailers in about 900 cities.


This is an air quality data network and makes customised recommendations. The company’s sensors measure the air quality and the data is fed into the algorithms that learn from the user’s routines and make suggestions.


It allows you to manage your logistics and e-commerce using AI. It automated tasks that required human labour. It translated the ad hoc addresses into precise locations.

It is India’s first voice and vernacular-enabled e-commerce platform. Most of the internet users in India do not agree to do online transactions due to language and dialect barriers. It allows people to speak to the phone in their vernacular language to order online.

Urban Company

It is a marketplace for freelance labour and home services like cleaners, repair staff, beauticians and more. It has customers across 10 cities in India and Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is for those who are not able to find work through the middleman or word of mouth. It can help them find work.

About innovative companies in India

These companies have clear goals for their teams and they let them follow their path to achieve their goals and this leads to innovation. The companies have given creative, intelligent, and capable people the freedom to find solutions.

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