Top international schools in Mohali, 2022

Searching for the top international schools in Mohali? Amity International School, Mohali is the right fit for many reasons.

1. Recognize the essential needs and assistance that students may seek. It boosts their confidence and strengthens their capabilities to perform well.

2. We put emphasis on an overall development of the students.

3. Curate a nurturing environment for the students that helps them to reach their full potential.

4. Provide assistance and guidance to the Amitians as soon as they pass out of school. We help them join the best institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, IITs, AIIMS, etc.

top cbse schools in mohali

best cbse schools in mohali

Among the premium schools in Mohali CBSE affiliated

AIS Mohali, is among the best CBSE schools in Mohali. We lay stress on academics which is why the majority of our students are among the toppers of the boards.


  • The Amity International School, Mohali is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

  • We have IT-driven labs and classrooms.

  • A spacious play area and multiple sports facilities for swimming, tennis, basketball, etc.

  • To encourage the reading habit, we have a well-stocked library.

  • We ensure children get safe drinking water and therefore we have a proper air-purified campus for the safety and health of the students.

Global Recognition

Amity students get diverse opportunities to travel and compete across the world. Some of the global recognitions that Amity students have achieved include:

  • Three-time Asia winners and one-time Global winners of International Space Settlement Design Competition, USA

  • Three-time winners in Knowledge@Wharton Competition at Wharton, USA

  • World Scholars Cup winners at Yale University, USA

Extracurricular activities

Co-curricular activities are equally necessary for the overall development of the children. At AIS, Mohali we encourage children to participate in extracurricular activities.

Amity students have won numerous national and international awards in sports including silver and bronze medals winners at International Aerobics Championship, USA, Khelo India School Games and granted annual stipend of ₹5 lacs etc.

This is what makes us stand among the top international schools in Mohali. We sharpen our students with moral values and qualitative education.

Life Skills

Amitians are not just prepared for the written exams but for the challenges and opportunities.

The following are the core life skills that we teach our students:

  • Decision-making, problem-solving, critical-thinking

  • Social and communication skills

  • Cooperation and coordination

  • Manage emotions- Be kind, polite, calm, and disciplined

  • Time management skills

Enroll your kid in the top international schools in Mohali and give your child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

From Pre-Nursery school in Mohali to the best CBSE school in Mohali, we offer benchmarked education.

For admission contact us on 7743000241/42/43/44 or

For more information, visit today.

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