Top Kshar Sutra Treatment in Ghaziabad: Piles Fistuls Clinic

If the symptoms of piles are not alarming, the doctor may recommend you a colonoscopy. However, if the symptoms are serious that demonstrates any signs of colorectal cancer; then you might be prescribed to undergo piles operation. Piles Fistuls Clinic provides Top Kshar Sutra Treatment in Ghaziabad.

A proper diet plan and lots of fluid intakes also help deal with piles to a great extent. Your doctor will start treatment by first suggesting certain lifestyle and dietary changes. Intake of fruits and vegetables is generally increased and body fluid levels need to be maintained. Regular exercises and controlling consumption of caffeine are two of the major principles of the treatment process. If the piles persist even after incorporating the necessary lifestyle changes, medications may be prescribed. A number of ointments and creams are available to relieve discomfort and reduce swelling.


The medicine is generally prescribed for a week. Painkillers and laxatives are also prescribed for relief. In the case of 2nd and 3rd-grade piles, one can opt for sclerotherapy. In this case, an injection is given to help reduce hemorrhoid inflammation. Infrared coagulation is another treatment option, which uses a device that emits infrared rays to burn the piles tissue. Radiofrequency coagulation works in the same manner and degree.

A laser treatment, which involves removal or shrinking hemorrhoid through a laser machine, can also be opted for. Non Surgical Piles Treatment generally helps treat the condition effectively. But if it occurs even after such treatments are undergone, a surgery should be considered. 

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