Top Maintenance Tips For Maintaining Garage Door Openers In Good-Condition

A door opener is a simple electronic or mechanical device. It is installed on garage doors. It is mainly functional as it opens and closes the garage door. If you are accessing the garage door multiple times on the same day, then it is advisable to install a good door opener.


  • It is important to maintain the door opener in top working condition
  • You should keep inspecting it regularly
  • Taking necessary precautions is important to prevent accidents


You can hire the best Genie garage door opener Lexington KY maintenance and installation service. A few maintenance steps can also be performed on your own.


  • Inspect


You already access the garage door daily. You have to notice the way the door operates. It is important to note if the door produces any cracking noise when being operated.


The moment you hear this sound it is the right time to maintain the door opener. If the motor is not functioning smoothly, then the door may produce a cracking noise. This could also be on account of a faulty spring system in the opener.


  • Check hardware


Any garage door opener will have a few installed hardware. These are the parts that are movable and set the door in motion when being operated. The fact is that the movable parts of the door will move hundreds of times in a month or week.


They are prone to wear and tear. If the parts are not fit then they have to be replaced. Replacing is only possible if you have inspected the door on your own. Every week it is advisable to keep checking with the hardware.


  • Door balance


The door opener is connected to the garage door via a mechanical system The system could be operated using a simple motor control device The mechanical system can lose its natural grip. This also affects the balance of the door. You may need to hire a Genie garage door opener Lexington KY team for inspecting the door.


It is advisable to keep checking the balance of the door opener on regular basis. If the balance is out then the door opener may not function smoothly as well. Even if the door opener is controlled manually still it is important to check the balance.


  • Rollers inspection


One part of the door opener is also connected to the roller system. These can easily get damaged. If they are damaged then you may have to replace them very often. If the roller is chipped then replacement is the only solution.


The door opener may have to be removed and installed back again in the right position. The task to reinstall the door opener in the roller has to be performed only by an expert team.


  • Weatherstripping


A door opener is a metal device it can be affected by harsh weather conditions. The movable parts can easily get rusted. If this happens then you may need to hire Genie garage door opener Lexington KY team.


On regular basis, all movable parts should always be inspected. Greasing is also essential. Damages have to be repaired the moment you notice them. Taking action at the right time is important this will prevent accidents from happening.


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