Top Most Commonly Used Locks For Commercial Purposes

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of yourself, your employees, your guests, and your property. Depending on the type of your business, you also need to be concerned about protecting data, assets, and valuable information. This can be a heavy burden, especially if you have inadequate security measures in place that leave you vulnerable to a range of threats.

You will never want to put a lock on the doors of a school, hospital or office. Commercial locks receive a higher rating from the Home Builders Association. Their accredited body sets standards and codes for construction equipment, grouping locks into three categories.

All commercial door locks and door closers are Class 1. This means they are the most durable and safest for high traffic areas and high value areas (such as museums, clinics and universities). Because they are durable, they should withstand heavy use and last longer than their household counterparts.

Below mentioned are some of the most common types of commercial door locks that are being used.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks are very widely used as commercial door locks. Perhaps today you have come into contact with one of these castles without even knowing what it is. Lever locks are not exclusive to commercial buildings, but they are not typically installed in residential applications. However, this can still be done at the direct request of the property owner or manager.

Mortise Locks

Like the locks described above, mortise locks are a very popular type of commercial door lock due to their strength and reliability. Mortise lock have been used for years and this only increases their popularity. Aside from their overall strength, mortise locks are best used in commercial applications because they hold up well to constant and consistent use. These locks are ideal for high traffic areas where the lock will be used frequently.

Panic Door Hardware

The term “panic bar” may seem rather foreign to you, but if you haven’t lived under a rock, you’ve come across it (you probably didn’t know about it). Panic bars or panic bars are used in a wide variety of commercial settings. These commercial door locks have been in use for some time and their use was first popularised in the UK after it was shown to be necessary. Essentially, panic panels are designed to facilitate access when exiting a doorway.

Door Locks with Keypad

Keypad door locks can be used in homes and apartment buildings, but most of these locks are used commercially because they have a unique set of features. These features make this lock a much better option for commercial buildings that need to accommodate a large number of employees without compromising their security. In most cases, when discussing industrial door locks, you will need to consider many factors in order to determine which type of door lock works best. These are usually the locks that work the best and end up being the most common types of commercial door locks.

It is always important to pay close attention to the operation of your business so that you can choose the lock that suits your business needs adeuately. With such a wide range of commercial door lock types on the market, this list is a good start and will help you get established when it comes to choosing a commercial door lock type.

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