Top One-Shot Loadouts for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare

In games like “Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare,” killing the opponent in time plays a major role. Having a weapon that can eliminate the opponent in one shot drastically helps the player. Indeed, these types of weapons are the fastest killing machine in any game that kills the enemy in one shot. There are some precious weapons available in Modern Warfare and Warzone that can kill the opponent in a single shot, but it requires proper accuracy and skills.

After the update, Call of Duty lowered the damage of those guns that had the potential of instant killing. To make the game more difficult, developers usually do it, but with the help of the right attachments, you can bring back the potential of the one-shot kill. If you play in hardcore, you will find plenty of weapons that can make an instant killing, but now let’s focus on the main core and find some best loadout for a one-shot kill.

One-Shot Rifles in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Assault Rifles are the first choice of every player in Warzone and Modern Warfare. It offers the player great mobility and all-rounder performance. Even though AR guns are powerful, they can’t eliminate the opponents in one shot. The CR-56 AMAX is an unexpected contender that gains the potential to eliminate the enemy in one hit, and credit goes to special ammunition.

You can also use the FAL to perform one-shot kill, but you have to be in a specific range. Nowadays, players don’t prefer to use the FAL, but it has the potential of immense damage. To build a powerful FAL, use the Monolithic Suppressor, VLK 3.0 optic, Marksman barrel, Merc foregrip, and 30-round magazines.

Instant Kill DMRs in Warzone and Modern Warfare

DMR guns are the best option for the one-shot kill. MK2 Carbine is built for one tap, and most likely it can eliminate the opponent in one shot. To improve damage, you can use the FSS 24.0″ Factory barrel, and to create a perfect build, use the Stippled Grip Tape, Reflex Optic, Sleight of Hand, and FSS MK2 Sports Comb stock. Along with these attachments, the speed and damage of MK2 will improve, and you will not miss any opponent.

Players who want the range and one-shot kill, they should try Kar98. In Warzone, Kar98 has a solid range. In close-range, body shot can eliminate the opponent, but at long-range, aim for the headshot to eliminate the enemy. You can also use the Kar98 as your backup for close-range along with SMG. Using the Zoom optic, Monolithic suppressor, Stippled Grip Tape, Custom 27.6″ barrel and the FTAC Sport Comb stock will keep the performance of Kar98 in balance. In the close range you can also use MK2 and FAL, but to use the Kar98, you need proper accuracy.

One-Shot Shotguns, Pistols, and Snipers of Warzone and Modern Warfare

There are two pistols in the game that offer one-shot kill. The .357 Revolver and the .50 GS have the potential to eliminate the opponent in one headshot. Revolver like “Desert Eagle” has a better range, and it can reload another round quickly. This Revolver can attach with some great attachments that make it one of the best pistols of Modern Warfare. Use the Stippled Grip Tape, Match-Grade trigger, mini reflex optic, 10-round magazines, and Forge TAC Extended barrel attachments to blow the opponents through Desert Eagle.

Indeed, shotguns are the best option for the one-shot kill. Use the 725 to blow the enemy in one shot with a shocking range. Usually, shotguns require the slug rounds, but while using 725, you will not require slug rounds to blow the enemies. Another shotgun to add with a slug round is the R9-O. It’s quick double firing and pump actions makes it a unique shotgun. If you use the slug rounds, FORGE TAC Sentry barrel, reflex optic, muzzle choke, and Merc foregrip, you can take great advantage of its great damage and amazing range.

Snipers are shot-shot kill by default. Even if the enemies are wearing full body armor, a single headshot can instantly eliminate them. HDR is currently a preferred choice of numerous players. Using the 9-round magazines, TAC Laser, FTAC Stalker-Scout stock, the optic of choice, and also an HDR Pro barrel will put extreme damage on the opponent.

Conclusion – Warzone and Modern Warfare, both games provide the best shooting experience. However, to get the best experience while shooting, it is necessary to attach a right loadout to unlock the true potential of any weapon.

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