Top Property Preservation Data Entry Services in Connecticut

Given the difficulties of the fast changing industry policies, property preservation companies compliances to obey by and have the need to take special care of a different client base with demonstrated solutions; leading to exhausting their limited resources on working on the back-office data entry work rather than working on the things that they do the best. Luckily, you can let loose your in-house team to do what they excel at by outsourcing your Property Preservation Work Order Processing Work in Connecticut to some expert provider. At RPR Data Services, we have gifted and experienced experts who are focused on conveying customized Data Entry & Updating Services to property preservation companies in the US.

We provide you with the 24 X 7 virtual assistance services to convey really tailored property preservation data updating & processing services, and complete even the most difficult and complex inspection and auditing task with very precise results that too within timely delivery.

We provide you with various primal Property Preservation Data Processing Services in Connecticut. Some of those services mentioned below-

  • Processing of Work Order: Once you get the work order from your client, all you have to do is outsource the same to the third party property preservation data processing company in Connecticut- RPR Service, LLC who understands the inside out of this field, so will carefully analyse the work order in detail and assist you in assigning the right vendors as per the specific job requirement you have for each property. The right vendors visit the property and play out their allotted property preservation upkeep work including interior and exterior property maintenance, damage repair, complete lawn care, debris removal, winterization, and so on. Basically, you name it and we have a very precise and accurate way to process your work orders in the right manner!
  • Analysis of Work Report: When the work is allocated to the vendor, they start the work by taking the before, during and after photos. Once their work is completed they upload all the work proof on our common online portal. Then comes into the picture our Property Preservation Data Processing Experts, who help with further processing of work order. Our team of professionals then inspect and analyse all the photos provided by the vendor and arrange everything in the form of document and report as per the specified guidelines by the national client.
  • Downloading, Organizing, Naming, and Handling Pictures: Under property inspection and analysis service, we evaluate the work done by various vendors and download, organize, mark, and complete the process with detailed documentation and property condition reports (QC PRCR’s). Our Property Preservation Data Processing Specialist in Connecticut adheres to the administrative rules as well as do the complete check-up for any missing point or spot which can happen by the contractor while tapping the pictures. In the event that we go over any error in the submitted pictures, we request the contractor resubmit the picture so that there is no lack of precision and quality delivery is constantly maintained by us. Following this, each picture is coordinated (previously, during and later) from similar points and spots. This helps us in precisely sorting out the work done by the vendors as per the clients’ necessities.
  • Invoicing for quick payment: When our specialists examine the work done by various contractors, they begin setting up the invoice for you while watching out for the cost estimating guidelines and the cost list put together by the contractor. This guarantees effective endorsement and submission of the invoice to the bank with practically no space for blunders.

At RPR Service, LLC, we have a pool of experienced experts who understands the complete processing of the property preservation work orders and can deal with all your property preservation data entry and updating needs of any type of property whether it’s bank owned or Real Estate Owned (REO). Our end to end back office services not just offer you true serenity of mind but also assist you with saving a lot of time as well as cash.

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