Top Questions to Hire a Private Investigator

It doesn’t matter whether you want to catch your cheating partner, locate people or you want to conduct a background check, if you want better results, hire the best investigator. But hiring a good and trusted private investigator Toronto is not an easy task. Since it is an investigation, you cannot simply hire any random person who just claims to be the best. Detectives promise a lot of things, however, they fail to deliver the best results because they are not perfect for the work.

And if you do not want to hire any such person, ask the questions that we have mentioned in this post. These questions will definitely help you to pick the best out of rest. So, let’s get started.

  1. Are you a licensed investigator?

If you do not want anything to go wrong, make sure that you are hiring a licensed investigator who has got years of experience. Why licensed? Because in most of the states, it is mandatory to hire only licensed investigators.

  1. Are you insured as a private investigator?

This is something that people usually skip asking but not you. See, the future is so unpredictable and you don’t know what can happen the very next minute. Therefore, it is always better to hire someone who is insured as a private investigator. So in case, things go wrong, they have some liability insurance.

  1. Can you provide some reference?

If you want the best investigation service, you cannot just trust the story. To make sure that the investigator is telling you the truth, you should do a cross check. And for this, you need reference.

  1. What is the charge?

Do not forget to ask the amount that the investigator charges for the investigation work.

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