Top Reasons to Choose FreeSWITCH for Your VoIP Solution

It is the age of VoIP-powered business communication. VoIP-based communication systems are used everywhere across the world. A business requires a solid and dependable VoIP communication solution that is also scalable. Numerous platforms are available to develop a custom solution, such as Asterisk and FreeSWITCH Solution. FreeSWITCH is a cutting-edge VoIP technology that all VoIP service providers recommend. It has a robust feature set, and its modular design allows it to stay ahead of the curve as new technologies emerge.

FreeSWITCH solution development is a telecom stack that is completely customizable and configurable for modern applications. This open-source software provides a production-grade telecom stack that includes PBX, call center applications, SIP Proxy, RTP Proxy, Audio/Video Conference, and other applications. Users love this tool because of the features and customization it provides.

FreeSWITCH module development is for real-time communication, WebRTC, telecommunications, video, and Voice over Internet Protocol. Many well-known communication technologies were supported by it, including Skype. It is written in C and works with Mac OS X, Windows, and ARM operating systems.

● Call routing is the foundation of FreeSWITCH development. These services typically benefit from a wide range of FreeSWITCH capabilities.

● Easily integrates into low-power devices.

● Simple end-user device settings make it suitable for residential use.

● It offers advanced voicemail settings and an audio navigation system that uses Interactive Voice Response.

● Audio dialing features a link to Interactive Voice Response during severe weather conditions.

● It is popular for surveys and volunteer applications.

● Because of its scalability, it is an ideal tool for use as the foundation of a robust commercial PBX phone system.

● FreeSWITCH solution has many functions and is essential for working with audio files and tasks. In this platform, audio formats have their API.

● Several telephony protocols are interconnected, including innovative new media and signaling protocols. Between them, this robust translator understands a wide range of languages.

● Advanced video conferencing features support multiple video codecs and transcoding, multiple video layouts, screen splits, picture-in-picture, screen sharing, video mixing, video effects, and so on.

● It is highly versatile.

● It makes advanced applications easier to use by removing several complications. It uses audio, video, text, or other types of media to route or connect critical communication protocols.

The right FreeSWITCH consulting services can help you acquire a custom solution for your business communication system.


FreeSWITCH solution is more efficient because it allows you to support a more significant load while using the same underlying hardware. Any solution built with FreeSWITCH module development ensures outstanding performance, stability, and scalability.

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