Top Reasons Why International Students Choose to Study in Australia

Choosing a study abroad destination is one of the most crucial decisions a student has to make. Australia is one of the few names that make it to the list of almost every student’s dream locations for overseas education. Recognized globally, and rightly so, for its high standard of living, vibrant metropolises, scenic oceans, friendly population, and excellent education system, Australia has become the 3rd most popular study abroad destination for international students, hosting over 700,000 international students representing 100+ nationalities.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons why choosing to study in Australia will be a decision your future self will thank you for:

  •         World-class Universities and Education System

Home to 43 universities, of which 7 stand among the Top 100 universities worldwide and another 8 in the Top 250 according to QS World University Rankings 2021, Australian universities ensure that their courses meet the highest global education standards by incorporating the latest technological breakthroughs, innovations, and current industry trends in their educational methods. International students who study in Australia are offered over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions in various disciplines and sub-disciplines. Ranked 8th best in the world by a well-known university network Universitas 21, the Australian higher education system operates several quality assurance and regulatory bodies such as the Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS) that ensure the highest quality of education in an amiable environment for international students who study in Australia.

  •         Cultural Diversity

Being a melting pot for diverse cultures, the multicultural makeup of the country’s population offers international students who study in Australia a sense of familiarity and belonging while at the same time offering them countless opportunities to step out of their comfort zone, explore novel ideas and have exciting experiences. Another reason why international students are enticed to study in Australia is the benefits that Australia’s multicultural setting has to offer. These include exotic cuisines, exuberant international festivities, the opportunity to mingle with and befriend people from different backgrounds, as well as the chance to learn any of the 260 languages spoken in the country.

  •         Groundbreaking Research & Development

Australia boasts a long-standing history of unparalleled research and development, from the discovery of penicillin in 1945 to the invention of the life-changing Wi-Fi. Individuals with a penchant for research choose to study in Australia as in the past 18 years, the university spending on research and development has more than doubled, leading to Australian students being collaborative, mobile, and interconnected more than ever. If you study in Australia, you can benefit from the universities’ global partnerships, government-funded programs and connect with your peers worldwide via various researcher exchange programs.

  •         Simpler Visa Formalities and Incredible Work Opportunities

The Australian government has simplified the visa process, significantly reducing the visa processing time as well as the documentation needed for proof of identification. If you wish to study in Australia, some visa application approval requirements include proof of adequate financial capacity and acceptance from an educational institute. Moreover, international students who study in Australia can support themselves financially while gaining valuable work experience by working up to 20 hours during the term and full-time during vacations. Moreover, international students who wish to prolong their stay in Australia after graduation can do so via the Temporary Graduate Visa that allows international students who study in Australia to stay in the country and continue to work following their graduation. Besides, as Australian degrees are highly regarded by employers worldwide, Australian graduates have bright career prospects in the global job market.

  •         High Quality of Life with Breathtaking Landscapes

International students who come to study in Australia are in for a ride as the country offers a vibrant city life and is home to seven of the best student cities in the world, offering first-world living experience, according to QS Best Student Cities 2019. Various studies and surveys have indicated Australians to be one of the happiest nations worldwide owing to their high quality of life. Moreover, the country is a spectacular blend of inspiring landmarks, picturesque rainforests, 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 500+ national parks, wildlife, and magnificent sandy beaches.  Contrastingly, students with a predilection for a vivid city life can enjoy the country’s vibrant nightlife, exquisite culinary options, bars, and an exclusive shopping experience by choosing to study in Australia with scholarship

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