Top Reasons You Need Pourer Caps in Your Bar

Buying the right alcohol pour spouts for your bar is super important, but what exactly are pourer caps, and do you actually need them? Pourer caps have a number of amazing benefits, from keeping those pesky fruit flies at bay to providing better value and hygiene to helping reduce evaporation. Here are some of the biggest advantages of using pourer caps in your bar:

Keeping fruit flies at bay. No one wants fruit flies in their drink. And you wouldn’t leave the door of your bar open all night and allow anyone to just stumble in, so why do you leave your bottles open and vulnerable to fruit flies? Fruit flies are frequent visitors to bars and other establishments since they are drawn to the sweet taste of dried food and drinks. Scientific studies have actually shown that fruit flies who have been rejected romantically by other fruit flies actually actively seek out alcohol. And if you simply have alcohol pour spouts with no flaps or caps on your bottles, you are bound to get some fruit flies in your alcohol. So add some pourer caps to those bottles to ensure that you keep the fruit flies at bay and save your alcohol and your bottom line.

Help reduce the evaporation. Evaporation can be a huge problem for bars, especially outside bars during the warmer months. As your bottles heat up in the sun or even just under a ceiling spotlight, the liquid will often look for a way to escape through evaporation, meaning that you will have less alcohol to serve to your customers. This is a huge problem if you are simply using open alcohol spouts, as these open spouts can act as a chimney with enough time and heat and tunnel out the alcohol in vapor form. But if you use a pourer cap, then the liquid has no way to escape. So consider buying some pourer caps for your liquor bottles to ensure that your alcohol doesn’t evaporate away, especially if you are operating an outdoor bar with bottles heating up in the hot sun during the warm spring and summer months. You definitely don’t want the summer heat stealing your alcohol!

Value and hygiene. Nearly every bar out there has some level of hygiene standards when it comes to cleaning their liquor bottles and alcohol pour spouts. This usually entails either removing the pour spouts each night and cleaning them or simply using some plastic wrap to cover up the pour spouts when they are not in use. But one of the biggest advantages of pourer caps is that they are usually very easily washable and simple to clean, meaning that they are very hygienic. You will save money in the long run if you are currently using plastic wrap to cover up your bottles at night. Also, as long as you are properly cleaning your pourer caps and taking care of them, they will last you a very long time.

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