Top Sanitary Pads for Periods Online

When you choose sanitary pads for periods online or offline, you should never compromise with their quality. The quality of these products ensures how well you can manage your hygiene during menstruation. Continue reading to know more about these products and their variants available in the market.

When it comes to maintaining good hygiene during periods, it is important that you get your hands on some of the best sanitary pads for periods online or offline. The quality of these products play an important role in contributing to not only exceptional hygiene care but also comfort as well. Today, the market has come up with a plethora of different types and variants of sanitary pads which help in meeting different period needs. Therefore, if you are someone wanting to switch to a better variant of sanitary pads, all you have to do is find out what it is that you need in your napkin such as extra length, extra coverage, better absorption, protection from bacteria and so on. Along with getting your hands on the right quality product, it is also important that you use them the correct way. Whether you use sanitary pads or tampons during periods, you should always change into a fresh product every three to four hours or less depending on your menstrual flow.

While the market offers a plethora of different products to use during menstruation, the tampons and sanitary pads are the two most reached out products among all. Both these products are made to soak up the menstrual blood very efficiently while giving a cottony soft touch to your skin. But, their usage is totally different from each other which makes sanitary napkins more reached out as opposed to tampons. To wear an ultra thin sanitary napkin all you have to do is simply attach it to your panty and pull it up. Tampons on the other hand need to be inserted right into the vagina. This insertion often scares many women away from trying them out. But, once you get the hang of using them the right way, tampons can also feel as comfortable as sanitary pads. Besides, as you use tampons, you can easily wear your favorite dresses or undergarments without having to worry about stains or any discomfort.

To wear a tampon correctly all you have to do is either squat or put one of your legs on top of a stool and then insert the tampon carefully. Remember to leave the string outside so that you can pull it out easily whenever required. The top two variants of tampons available in the market today are; Regular tampons and Super tampons. Regular tampons are for your light to regular flow days while the super tampons are to be used during your heavy flow days. These tampons are manufactured with a finger sized absorbent core which helps in soaking up hours of menstrual flow without letting any leakage or staining take place. The key to staying fresh is changing into fresh ones every three to four hours or less depending on your flow and comfort.

Here are a few sanitary pads you must try for better comfort during periods:

1. Antibacterial Sanitary Napkins

Antibacterial napkins as the name suggests are created for women who are prone to catching germs and infections easily during periods. These napkins are manufactured with a unique green sheet on top which is made with all natural ingredients and can give 99,9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. Not only protection from bacteria but these napkins can also give a very long lasting hygiene. Therefore, you can totally count on them as you go about your day without having to worry about changing into a fresh napkin every hour. These are also extra long sanitary napkins which help in covering your panty so that there are no chances of leakage or staining.

2. Overnight Sanitary Napkins

To give women better comfort at night, the sanitary napkins brands have come up with unique napkins for night which help in giving them a peaceful sleep all night. These napkins are especially created to give maximum coverage at night and therefore are very heavy duty in nature. They are manufactured with qualities in them such as a wider hip guard which helps in covering your panty entirely from the back so that the blood drips right on top of the napkin and not anywhere else. Their flexi absorb system helps in making the napkin move along with your body so that there are no chances of any leakage or staining. The double absorbent core fits the body perfectly and keeps absorbing from night till morning.

3. Cool Sanitary Napkins

As the name suggests, these cool sanitary napkins are created to give you a feeling of coolness down there as you menstruate. They are created with a unique japanese cool pad technology which ensures cooling and freshness through the napkin so that you experience a soothing experience all through the day. Besides, these napkins are also infused with the freshness of menthol to keep you comfortable at all times. Their subtle cool water fragrance helps in keeping the menstrual odor at bay leaving you smelling good at all times. You will get these cool no leakage period pads both online and offline at affordable prices.

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