Top Sites to Visit on Tuscany and Umbria Tours of Italy

Is central Italy the next item on your must-see list? Take your holiday to the highest level and visit two places at once! A tour of Tuscany and Umbria in Italy is an excellent way to make the most of your vacation, giving you a glimpse of the country’s most popular destinations.

Must-visit sites on your tour of Tuscany and Umbria, Italy

  • Montalcino and Montepulciano

If there’s one thing you must do during your stay in Tuscany, it’s to taste the region’s exquisite food and wine. Montalcino and Montepulciano are known to produce some of Italy’s most renowned wines: the Brunello di Montalcino and the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Both wines are made with locally grown Sangiovese grapes. Brunello is known for its full-bodied taste with hints of wild berry and licorice,while Vino Nobile is medium-bodied with gentle tannins and bright acidity.

  • Chianti

Another famous wine region in Tuscany is Chianti, best known for the Chianti Classico. Like the Brunello and Vino Nobile, Chianti Classico is mainly made of Sangiovese grapes, known for their dry sweetness and medium acidity.

However, wine isn’t all that Chianti has to offer. In this little Tuscan town, you’ll find majestic rolling hills, ancient villages, and a fantastic view of the countryside, making it the perfect destination for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  • Spello, Bevagna, and Montefalco

Once you’ve had your fill of Tuscany’s famous wines, it’s time to move on to the neighboring region of Umbria. There are three towns you shouldn’t miss during your stay: Bevagna, Montefalco, and Spello.

Montefalco, also known as the balcony of Umbria, is a charming hill town featuring Romanesque and Gothic churches and a magnificent view of Umbria’s countryside. Meanwhile, Bevagna is a peaceful settlement once home to Roman aristocrats, and to this day, you can see the villas that were once erected by the country’s wealthiest families.

And finally, Spello is a former Roman colony most famous for the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, a must-visit site boasting colorful frescoes painted by the distinguished Pinturicchio.

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