Top Social Media Applications for Marketers

Social media applications seem to dominate the internet. It is an excellent option for reaching a larger audience. By using these applications effectively, you can increase your business’s visibility and promote your products to generate new leads and drive sales. It is the most cost-effective form of marketing with a high return on investment. Let’s check out the best social media apps for marketers.

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Essential Social Media Applications


Available on – App Store and Play Store

Facebook continues to be the top social media platform while being a great free marketing tool for businesses. Facebook is an effective spot for developing the identity of your brand. It offers its own form of advertising with Facebook ads and referred to as Marketplace Ads which includes a headline, an image and a click-through link. One of the possible techniques for increasing likes and driving website clicks is to implement Facebook advertising into your Facebook marketing strategy.


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Twitter is an effective way of reaching your audience in a more direct form than waiting for organic reach. Promoted tweets help in expanding your reach more quickly. It also lets people discover your profile even though they do not follow your brand. Twitter’s social ecosystem allows you to listen to customer opinion and leverage that information for creating relevant and engaging content for the audience.


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YouTube is the best social media platform for video marketing. You can enjoy a boost in SEO, increased brand awareness, build your traffic, and expand your social reach. Video marketing on YouTube has been proved to increase your return of investment (ROI) and diversify your marketing strategy.


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Instagram is a competitive space for marketing and allows you to connect with your target audience to advertise and market your products and services. It will enable you to communicate with customers across multiple channels and re-use marketing materials for promotions. It helps in attracting engaged traffic to build a community of repeated buyers.

Best Social Media Tools and Applications For Marketers


Available on – App Store and Play Store

Planoly is a premier visual planning and marketing solution marketing on Instagram. It enables users to manage their posts and content visually before posting online on Instagram. It has a clean design where you can drag and drop photos and videos and see how they will look like on your Instagram profile feed.

Facebook Pages Manager App

Available on – App Store and Play Store

Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to check the insights of your posts and your page. It lets you manage up to 50 pages from your smartphone, and you can also check the activity and insights of your page. You can target and advertise to potential customers and expand your business online.

Hootsuite Composer

Available on – App Store and Play Store

Hootsuite Composer is considered to be a good option for handling multiple social media accounts by logging into a dashboard. It helps you keep track and manage your social network channels while enabling you to monitor your brand’s responses.


Available on – App Store

Captiona is amongst the first apps designed to help you come up with an engaging caption for your Instagram post. It has a library full of on-trend, witty quotes and captions you can use for your posts.

Apple Clips

Available on – App Store

This photo/video taking and editing app by Apple is fun and simple to use. It allows users to make a video or take a still shot within clips. It lets you cut together short videos and photos, add filters, emojis, and music and share them.

These were the best social media apps you can use to market your brand or business.

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