Top Tactics Would Increase Your Exposure Of Your Blockchain Project

How do you enter into a market brimming with innovative new projects? How would you stand out in a sector that is begging for support from its own culture and global market? Markets are flooded with advertisements for a variety of other well-known and established products and services.


Bending through the confusion can be challenging, particularly when you realize that the average individual flips through 300 feet (90 meters) of online content each day! Before the internet, the average user in the 1970s saw between 500 and 1600 advertisements a day. By 2007, there were 5000 commercials a day.

Today, an estimation puts the number of advertisements a day between 6000 and 10,000! Ad blockers are being used by both blockchain and conventional users as a result of this bombardment.

Given these obstacles, it can seem that gaining some attention for your marketing crypto project is a significant obstacle.   H here is three feasible ways to bring your cryptocurrency venture on the map and then get the attention it deserves.


Creating A Community

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll know that consensus building is critical to the success of any cryptocurrency exchange. We can’t stress this enough, and we’ve written multiple posts on why community and going for Ico Community Management is so critical, so check them out. In addition to this guidance, here are some more pointers on how to develop your community:

Create a presence where your group is active and listen to what they have to say — blockchain groups are usually found on Telegram or Discord. Tumblr, in particular, is an excellent forum for both cryptocurrency and mainstream viewers. In a conventional business environment, the project, aim, and team members on LinkedIn add extra likes.

  • Make connections with blockchain and conventional organizations that are related to the services your project provides.
  • When the opportunity arises, attend blockchain conferences and exhibits, as well as wider industry-related activities, either virtually or in person, and Covid19 will become a distant memory.
  • Make relations with institutions that are open to and supportive of blockchain interventions, such as colleges, retail, and banking firms.
  • Create a directory of all your contacts, complete with email accounts and associations.
  1. Form High-Profile Collaborations

Make suggestions on how you’d like to collaborate with the following groups of people. It is important to provide a comprehensive and high-quality white paper. It’s critical to explain how collaborating will help all sides and to follow through on the commitments made in the relationship.


  • Communicate directly with blockchain specialists and visionaries.
  • Collaborate with market leaders – not people, but companies like IBM who are leading block chain in the mainstream.
  • Communicate directly with blockchain marketers.
  • Form alliances with internet advertising


  1. Media Exposure That Was Earned

People are far more inclined to share something that is useful, informative, and thoughtful if it is provided to your audience or followers. Confidence and authority are also built by thought leadership pieces. Then, whether on social networks, blogging, or sponsored content, listen to your community and viewers and respond to their questions.

Over time, your program’s increased authority or prestige will place it so that third-party sites will want to link to the material you has created. This contributes into greater website visits and generates sales.

These three methods will help you achieve fast results. Remember to cultivate your relationships and community on a regular basis and supply them with content that has a clear objective and aim.


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