Top Technical SEO Audits to Perform on a Regular Basis

For any SEO audit to be effective, it needs to take into account the technical aspects of a website. Search engines use content, links, and user behavior to rank websites in organic search results, but they also rely heavily on technical factors—and if your site has any of these issues, it can easily lose its ranking position. Take SEO Expert Canberra advice to conduct the technical audits in the right way.

Disallow pages that should not be indexed

It’s important to understand that not all pages should be indexed. When a page is indexed, it means the search engine will include it in the results to people performing searches related to that page’s content. If you have a website with thousands of pages, then there are going to be some pages on your site that shouldn’t be indexed by search engines because they don’t contain any valuable information or they’re too spammy or irrelevant for search engines’ users and algorithms (and so forth).

Indexing these types of pages will result in higher bounce rates for users who land on them from search results. A high bounce rate signals low-quality content and can negatively impact your rankings in Google’s organic rankings. Studies show that website owners make mistakes when implementing noindex directives, resulting in many valid pages being blocked from indexing by Googlebot.

Allow Googlebot to access your CSS and JavaScript files

As you might have guessed, the purpose of this audit is to make sure that your web server is configured correctly and Googlebot can access your CSS and JavaScript files.

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Avoid blocking your site’s content

If you’re blocking Googlebot from accessing your content, you’re preventing Google from knowing about the available pages on your site. This can hurt your SEO and reduce the quality of your results in Google Search.

There are a few ways to prevent search engines from crawling your site and from showing up in search results:

  • Using robots.txt files to block access to certain URLs or directories will result in those pages not being indexed by Googlebot. It’s important that you check any .htaccess files on subdomains as well (this is typically done through FTP). 
  • Blocking CSS and JavaScript files using HTTP headers is another way that some sites implement a “no preview” strategy; this method will prevent anyone with JavaScript disabled (or bots) from seeing anything above-the-fold on their website until they click through a link somewhere else first!

Multi-regional and multilingual sites

The href lang tag is one of the most important things you can do to help Google understand your pages, but it’s not magic. If you’re going to use href lang tags, make sure they’re actually there. It’s easy enough to add them yourself; check out this guide from Yoast for instructions on how to use them with WordPress and other popular CMSs.

Ensure that your website serves the correct language and region to Googlebot using HTTP headers

It’s crucial to ensure that your website is properly serving the correct language and region to Googlebot using HTTP headers.

  • Use the correct HTTP headers for your content.
  • Set up HTTP headers for your website.
  • Test HTTP headers on a staging server before deploying it on production, or use a tool like [Google Tag Manager](https://www1.tagmanager.googlevideo-partners-iframe/home) or [HTML Source Code Viewer]( to see the exact tags Google will be reading from each page source code of your site when crawling it if you can’t do so otherwise (you may need access to backend servers).

Avoid duplicate URLs on a single website

Duplicate content can cause problems for search engines, so it’s important to check whether there are any on your website.

To do this, use the ‘find and replace’ tool in your text editor or Google Chrome’s developer tools. This will allow you to find all instances of a specific word or phrase in the HTML code on your website.


If you’re serious about SEO, then it’s time to start performing technical audits. These audits will help you identify and fix any issues that could be holding back your site from ranking better in search engines. It’s also important to remember that this is just the beginning of your SEO journey—there are plenty more things you can do to improve how well sites rank in organic results! you can hire SEO Experts in Canberra to get things done right without any hassle.

Source: Top Technical SEO Audits to Perform on a Regular Basis

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