Top Tips For Choosing the Right Shop fitters For Your Retail Outlet

Making a decision for refitting of your store is easy, it is the implementation that becomes the hardest possible part of the commitment.

The most important decision regarding this project is choosing the right shop fitter. For this, there is certainly no tried and tested rule but the rule of thumb to start off is to consider someone with a proven track record, especially in fitting stores in the market you operate in.

Since the recession has hit the domestic house market drastically, a myriad of builders have now decided that they are now house builders as well as shop fitters. Considering the same, it seems unlikely that they will be able to offer the required expertise needed to plan a store.

A shop fitter should be well prepared to spend time with you to understand the particular needs of your business and any issues that you are facing at present that need to be considered when they plan a layout. For a successful shop fitting customer flow is the most important aspect. Category management and product placement should be considered to ensure the customer is drawn as much as possible to all areas of the shop. For egs, if you own a departmental store, placing milk and bread right at the door of the store will eliminate the need for a customer to roam around the store and spend some time there.

Another important part in planning is the shelving heights. Too high shelves in a small store can provide an unpleasant shopping experience and make the shopper uncomfortable.

It is also important to have a signage on and above the fixtures to lead the shopper to the product along with special promotions and offers being placed on gondola bars which encourage the shoppers to buy products they did not come to shop for.

While planning these aspects, do not ignore the lighting. An adequate and right lighting can make all the difference as it can really make your store look alive.

If it is a new store, you need to ensure that you have a predefined agreement of when the work will be completed.

While deciding the fixtures, it is also important that the shop fitter is able to give a system that is flexible. There are a myriad of shelving systems and refrigeration options to choose from. While planning these, do keep the future additions in your product line in mind. There are various upright freezers and metal modular shelves, Glass Door Chiller and a good shop fitter would be happy to customise one especially for you.

Other important considerations are floor coverings, decorations, shopfront, air conditioning, CCTV cameras, external signage, security shutters and disability access.

Easier said than done, choosing the right shop fitter for your business is not an easy task but if you want more than satisfactory results, it is worth to spend time to make the right choice.

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