Top Tips For Staying In A Hotel During COVID-19

After staying indoors for about a year, now people are slowly getting out. Public places and transportation modes have again started functioning with some precautionary measures. People have also started travelling to different locations for their work and some other purposes, and it is natural to worry about the safety of staying in a hotel at this point.


A hotel is a crowdy place, where people from different cities come and stay. In such conditions, the chances of spreading Coronavirus becomes quite high, as we all know that, Coronavirus spreads by coming in contact with an infected person.

Some of the safety tips have been listed down for staying in a hotel during COVID-19:-

 Safe Destination

The first and foremost tip for travelling safely during this pandemic is to choose your destination wisely and to avoid any such place which has a higher number of cases. As there is no guarantee, as in a hotel people come from different places.

 Social Distance And Wear A Mask

Whenever possible, avoid crowded elevators. Use cloth masks, it gives you the flexibility to wash and reuse. Avoid touching surfaces, washing hands regularly and maintaining at least six feet distance.

 Opt for a Room that has been Vacant for a Few days

According to WHO guidelines, Coronavirus can live up to 72 hours on different surfaces. So, there is a higher risk if you take a room which the previous guest left right before you.

 Sanitize Your Room Yourself

Although, hotel staff will properly clean and sanitize their rooms, if you go for a quick clean yourself, it will only add to your safety, especially on high-touch areas such as TV and AC remotes, light switches, door handles, tables and chairs etc.

 Open Room Windows

You are advised to keep the windows of your room open and to look for a properly ventilated room to let fresh air come in, as the chances of transmitting airborne diseases are higher in indoor spaces.

 Avoid Housekeeping

The housekeeping staff must be taking all the safety precautions, but there is always a slight risk that improper usage of masks brings, so it’s better to skip housekeeping altogether. You can ask for your needs to be kept outside your door.

 Avoid Hotel Facilities

It is advisable not to use common hotel facilities such as a spa, gym, swimming pool etc. as they can cause some serious problems. All these include physical interaction, so we should avoid using these facilities.

 Contactless Payments

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