Top Tips for Summer Indoor & Outdoor Weddings in Idaho

There is something timelessly romantic about summer weddings. The fresh air, natural ambiance, and simplistic decor all create a blissful atmosphere for an incredibly significant ceremony and celebration. Depending on the couple, throwing a wedding outdoors embraces the personal history and unique character of the husband and wife-to-be. With the summer season about to start, here are five tips for a beautiful ceremony and reception outdoors.

Signature Venue

Finding Boise wedding venues with all-inclusive indoor and outdoor spaces can be difficult, especially with dry and hot summer weather. Keeping guests comfortable and cool should be a priority, so look for venues with shade, from trees or architectural structures. Providing bottles of water or paper fans for a ceremony in the sun is a great way to care for guests with a personal touch. Balance spending time in and outdoors, since summer weather can be warm and somewhat unpredictable.

Venues that have cultivated and cared for gardens make decorations easy. Let space speak for itself with natural beauty and ambiance. Sweet and sophisticated ways to enhance a naturally beautiful space include sparkler farewells, cocktails outside, and faux flame candles or lanterns.

Sound & Entertainment

Writing personalized vows and planning a beautifully personal ceremony is all for naught if no one can hear any of it. Talk to the venue ahead of the ceremony and reception to find out what they provide for sound equipment. If they do not offer sound setup, reach out to the DJ or band to see if they provide a sound service instead.

Wind, flight paths, road traffic, and other noises can make it hard for guests to hear. Take all of these things into consideration and plan for difficulties. Ask the staff if there are any common sound issues, and take note of possible problems when touring the venue.

Cocktail Hour & Reception Menu

Choosing a caterer that can deliciously execute your dream menu is a win-win for everyone. Look for chefs and caterers who have experience planning restaurant-level menus for weddings and events. Keep in mind the weather and venue ambiance to coordinate a memorable and delectable experience.

For a locally-sourced menu, experienced Eagle restaurants often have working relationships with local farmers and wineries. They also are familiar with local weather conditions and can recommend appropriate dishes that still reflect the vision of the couple.


Once a venue has been selected, discuss with the photographer your vision for the photos. Take photos of the venue yourself and then show them to the photographer to help them block and plan without having to physically tour the space ahead of time. Ask the photographer what time would be best for photos, whether they prefer closer to sunset or earlier in the afternoon.

Keep in mind that weather can influence how and where the photos are taken. Wind, rain, and cloud cover are all possible situations on the day of the wedding. Talk to the photographer before the big day about backup plans for photos in case of uncooperative weather.

Backup Plan

Not unique to outdoor weddings, having a backup plan for possible fiascos can make unexpected situations less stressful. What happens if it rains? Is it unexpectedly windy? Check if the wedding venue has an indoor space or large tent that will fit all of your guests. Ask the venue how they deal with unexpected weather conditions, like rain and wind.

Have a point person that the wedding venue staff can contact throughout the day in case of mishaps or questions. Make sure that this person is not immediately related to the bride or groom, or part of the wedding party. This can make it easier to address any problems that arise quickly without interrupting the most involved people.

Having an onsite and experienced wedding coordinator can relieve anxieties about weather conditions or changing locations. Chateau des Fleurs has an experienced staff that listen to your needs and guide you through details and wedding day plans. For a stress-free and gorgeous summer wedding, choose a venue that has experience planning and executing sophisticated events alfresco.

About Chateau des Fleurs

Chateau des Fleurs is an elegant, fully automated event venue in Eagle, Idaho. It has facilities for a wide range of special occasions and is one of the best Boise wedding venues. Chateau des Fleurs is also home to Le Coq d’Or, which offers some of the finest food Boise has to offer.

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