Top TV Shows to Watch for Every Sci-Fi Fan

The most exceptional charm of the science-fiction genre is that it can engulf people in disbelief and thrill at the same time. The advancements and possibilities of these shows are unfathomable because of the lack of relatability but are still engaging. Assuming that this alternate possibility is real gives the viewers a lot of rush. Here are some shows that can transport you to unique worlds and time.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

To begin with an explosion, Black Mirror should be on the list of every person who is fascinated by the idea of possible technological advancements. The show is unique in every possible way. Neither does it hold any similarity to other shows or movies that are currently running, nor does it repeat concepts in any of its episodes. Each episode features different characters and storylines so that you can pick any episode of any season and you will not be lost. The only connecting factor of all the episodes is the depiction of the heavy presence of technology in the lives of people. This presence sometimes ends up on a good note, but most times, it is disastrous.

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

The show revolves around the human psyche and technology related to it. The show mainly deals with a world where dead people’s memory is copied and transferred to other bodies so that they can continue after death. It is like having multiple lives in a video game. The show has hints of suspense genre as well since the lead character Takeshi (played by various actors) is investigating a homicide case. The visuals of the show are very aesthetically appealing, and the plot is well crafted to keep everyone wide awake.

The Outsider (HBO)

The Outsider borrowed its story from the pages of the horror books of Stephen King. The show deals with a little town that is baffled by the horrendous crimes occurring in their neighborhoods with no logic or reason. When the characters of the show make you believe that you have the bad guy all figured out, the introduction of one twist ensures that all that conviction goes down the drain. The show keeps you hooked and scared at the same time, dealing with creatures willing to kill.

Orphan Black (Amazon Prime)

The most captivating point of this show is that the cast and the plot are both of the utmost quality. The audience witnesses Tatiana Maslany in six different avatars and she plays all of them quite convincingly. Each character is fiddling to find out their life’s past events and its relevance today. The show is an uncommon blend of humor and science fiction.

Westworld (HBO)

Westworld is about an amusement park created for the wealthy, that is wholly operated and resided in by robots. The robots who play a part in the park are all provided with a particular set of rules they need to follow, but some of them decide to go rogue and create their own laws. The show captivates viewers’ interests and takes them on a rollercoaster ride.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

The show premiered on July 15, 2016, and revolved around some teenage boys who stumble across a wormhole to an alternate dimension. The fact that the entire cast consists of teen boys and girls did not deter people from every age group from binging on the show. The show has aired three seasons by now, and all of them were a huge success with the audience. The 80’s vibe of the show was like a blast from the past.

12 Monkeys (Hulu)

The movie ‘12 Monkeys’ premiered in the mid-1990s, and the show with the same name was released in 2015. The show is all about time travel and a person trying his level best to contain a virus before it spreads and destroys humanity. It is not one of the shows that you can play in the background and not pay much attention. The smallest detail is essential to the story. The four seasons of the show are a masterpiece.

The 100 (Netflix)

The show has the hints of a generic doomed town with few survivors, but the actual plot is much different than that. The show brings to fruition a scenario where nuclear warfare around the globe eradicates nearly all humans. The few remaining have no option but to lead their lives at The Ark, a space station. The show has some really convincing graphics and visuals.

Dark (Netflix)

Small towns across the world may be different in every other aspect in different countries, but they have one common factor – they are uneventful. But the discovery of a time-traveling wormhole in a similar dull town of Germany, the weird happenings and missing locals- all of this combines to make an enjoyable show. It is a show so warped yet bewitching, it’s difficult to explain. People who have a fascination with time travel should check this out.

The science-fiction genre ranges from concepts of alternate dimensions, space exploration, time travel, alien lives, the advancement of technology, and all impacts these concepts can have on the lives of people.

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