Top Water Sports Destinations In Asia

We live in the world of wonder. We are lucky to live on this planet that never fails to amaze us with its natural beauty. Some people may enjoy mountains, others may love occasions. I am an ocean person to find out what is under the deep blue layers of the ocean. From time to time people keep exploring the blue beauty and there are some water sports to enjoy the oceans and beaches. If you want to explore beach places this summer, this article is definitely for you. We are going to reveal some water sports destinations to add more fun to your beach vacations. Let’s get started.

Surfing In Sri Lanka

If you are a fan of Wing surfing, then you simply must visit Sri Lanka at some point in your life! All along the south and east coasts, you’ll find great surfing opportunities, for people of all levels. Spots like Elephant Rock and Whiskey Point are pretty big and offer perfect, clean breaks. You’ll also find a nice mixture of sand breaks and reefs, meaning the area is ideal if you are unsure of yourself. You’ll also find many surf instructors and places to hire kitesurfing boards. A sensational nightlife where the local surf community gathers almost every night in peak season.

Phuket & Koh Samui, Thailand

Phuket and Koh Samui are two gems of the beautiful nation of Thailand. Both boast of crystal clear sea waters. While admiring panoramic beauty, one can also enjoy several water activities.

• Jet skiing: Jet skiing is a thrilling activity and one can enjoy the scooter ride on thumping waves without training.

• You can enjoy a ride on the sea waves by doing surfboarding

• With several kiteboarding spots and wing surfing, Koh Samui is ideal for this sport.

Andamans, India

Andaman island is the gem of India’s most exotic places. Andaman is the top destination among all the other locations in India. The island is wonderful and blessed with marine life, sky-blue water, paradise beaches, and wonderful marine mammals.

Explore the marine world through snorkelling and scuba diving.

• Snake Island, Bala Reef, and Corruption Rock are famous places for diving in Andaman.

• Windsurfing and parasailing are also well-known water sports here.

• You can also rent Wing Surfing Gear.

Borneo, Malaysia

White water rafting is one water sport that tops the list of adventure sports. The gushing water gives the ultimate adrenaline rush to travellers. If you want to experience some advantages, then head to Borneo in Malaysia. They offer rental boats and safety gear for rides. Begin your adventure with the help of experienced coaches

The above are some best water sports places you can enjoy this summer. Explore more about these places to enjoy the fun of life.

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