Top Ways to Leverage Flyer Distribution for Business Growth

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In this age and time of internet and social media sites, business owners often fail to acknowledge the value of old-school marketing techniques like flyer distribution. It remains one of the most influential and traction-generating means of business and brand promotion. Flyer distribution in Chicago, especially for small businesses can pave the path for uninterrupted growth, in various ways. Some of them we will discuss in this blog post.

If you own a small business or are just starting in the entrepreneurial domain, under most likeliness, you are running on a tight marketing budget. The good news for you is; flyer distribution is considered cheap advertising in Chicago; meaning you can avail of it even with limited budgetary support. On that note, let’s explore how flyer distribution propels the growth of a business.

  1. Customer Acquisition

Customers are the lifeblood of a business, and hence you need to keep promoting your services and products to grab their attention. It is as important as creating a loyal customer base as it is to keep a consistency of new customer acquisitions. You need to expand your reach to new people, only then can you expect growth for your business. Flyer distribution allows you to attract the attention of people in big numbers, where they are influenced to take action around the same time.

  1. Extensive advertising

Flyers are distributed in large numbers; hundreds at a time to the masses or delivered at their doorstep. When hiring a flyer distribution company you will have to provide them with the exact numbers or rather the quantity of the flyers that you want to be delivered to the target audience. When you distribute hundreds and thousands of flyers at a time, you are putting extensive effort into advertising your services and products. Usually, it generates immediate results.

  1. Greater ROI

Flyer distribution is known for generating significant return on investment for businesses. Small business owners in Chicago are often reluctant to invest any money in advertising. But you can, if it is something like flyer distribution, which is considered cheap advertising in Chicago. You will have to pay a very nominal amount as an investment towards initiating the flyer distribution campaign, involving designing, printing, and then the delivery of the marketing materials. However, the return that you get against that expense is greater since you gain so much exposure for your business positively.

  1. Reach Offline Target Audience

You need to keep in mind that although a lot of people prefer to stay online these days on social media platforms and search for products/services online, the number does not involve all your target audience. A retiree might not be as frequent on online platforms as a college student. Some people might deliberately avoid online platforms as their preference. So, flyer distribution gives you a chance to target the offline target audience. You can reach out to all kinds of people, irrespective of their age, profession, and preference. That’s the beauty of something as timeless as flyer marketing.

  1. Target Local Customers

Flyer distribution in Chicago allows you to target your local customers specifically. When planning it, you will have to provide your marketing professionals with the location where you want your flyers to be distributed. You can either ask them to distribute the flyers like handouts or get them delivered from door to door. Either way, it allows you to target a specific location. Thus you can influence your potential customers based on their location.


That was it, a few ways that your business can benefit from flyer distribution and similar forms of marketing. Remember this, when hiring a company for cheap advertising in Chicago, check their previous work and explore their range of services before finalizing the task and entrusting them with the same.

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