Top Windows 10’s Hidden Features For You

Many users were irritated the last time Microsoft published a significant OS update. The design and layout has undergone significant alterations, making it confusing. To overcome that issue this time, Microsoft maintained all of the familiar functions out in the open while keeping some of the new modifications masked so customers wouldn’t get lost navigating the new Operating system.

There are numerous features in Windows 10 Pro that many users are unaware of. We’ll go through  a few of them in this article (which are probably reasonably simple to reach and adjust) so you can utilize Windows 10 like an expert.

Desktop (Virtual) (Task View)

The Virtual Desktop function is for useful if you have a lot of applications open in one go. Select the “Task View” button in your taskbar, which is directly to the right of the Search field. As a keyboard shortcut, hit Windows Key + Tab. On the base of the display you can see your virtual workstations and drag applications or windows open to another virtual machine. This function is useful for grouping programs such as browsing and researching on one desktop and communication apps on another.

Scroll Inactive Windows

This is a very basic feature, yet it makes a significant difference. Assume you’re working on a report in Microsoft Word. You probably have a webpage active in a web browser in the foreground. The webpage won’t move if you move your cursor over to the window and attempt to navigate with the mouse wheel since that window isn’t “engaged.” By activating Scroll Inactive Panels, you can scroll by hovering your cursor over the page without having to first activate the panel. To enable this function, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad > “scroll idle windows whenever I hover across them,” and then select “scroll inactive windows when I hover across them.”


Enable GodMode to transform your computer into an almighty deity. This utility generates a customized Windows 10 Home menu that combines a variety of features such as system integration, application programs, internet preferences, and more, into one convenient location. It can be aggravating to have to go back and forth in Settings Menu to search and make adjustments, but GodMode takes care of that for you. Make a fresh folder and name it GodMode to activate it. The folder appearance will change on its own. You’ll be met with an advanced settings menu after clicking it.

On A Windows 10 PC, You Can Play Xbox One Games.

You could stream games from your Xbox One system to your Windows 10 Home device if you do have one. To begin, go to Settings > Preferences > Enable game streaming to other platforms on the Xbox One to activate the feature. Then, on your PC, open the Xbox application and select “Connect” from the left pane. Choose your controller from the drop-down menu and click “Connect.” Click “Stream” after connecting your Xbox One gamepad to your laptop via USB port. You may now play Xbox games without having to carry your console around the house.


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