Topical CBD Products – Do They Really Work?

It is the case that many CBD products are in the market today. You can literally get CBD infused into any product that can be consumed. Besides, there are countless products that are made from pure CBD and are not infused into any products. Thus, you can buy edible CBD living dark chocolate, smokable CBD products such as vapes, and topical products such as CBD living lotion for pain relief. In this article we will explore more about topical CBD products and highlight some of the crucial details of topical CBD products.

What are topical CBD products

Topical CBD products are those products that are designed to be applied on the skin though their effects can sometimes be both local and systemic. There are many versions of topical products. The most common ones are the lotions, the salves, the creams, and the oils. These varieties differ mainly in consistency, though the composition of these products vary one to another depending on the manufacturer’s preferences and specifications.

Do CBD Products Work?

CBD products in general work through the endocannabinoid system, a system that is naturally present in our bodies and responds primarily to endogenous cannabinoids that are produced by the body. This system can also respond to exogenous cannabinoids that are found in nature. Essentially, the endocannabinoid system has two main types of receptors, the CB1 receptors are predominant in the central nervous system while the CB2 receptors are predominant in the peripheral tissues. The distribution of these receptors allows for the local and system functioning of CBD and related products.

The endocannabinoid system is still one of the least understood systems in the body. However, studies have shown that the system is responsible for pain regulation, sleep control, mood stabilization and immune system optimization. Therefore, CBD products can be prepared in dosage formulations that can be helpful in achieving these effects of the endocannabinoid system. Products such as CBD living lotion for pain relief are designed to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the local tissue to alleviate local pain.

Who should use topical CBD products?

Topical CBD products are best utilized by individuals who commonly engage in high energy physical activities that are likely to cause musculoskeletal system. Body builders, casual laborers, gymnasts, and athletes are among the category of individuals likely to use CBD living lotion for pain relief because they are susceptible to pain problems such as muscle sprains and strains and joint and bone injuries.

How safe are topical products?

Topical products are among the safest of products in the market. There is only a caveat when you have sensitive skin or you are susceptible to allergic reactions. If you are such a person, then topical products may not be ideal for you. Nonetheless, topical products are generally safe and are often not associated with any side effects.


You can buy CBD living lotion for pain relief from your favorite vendor and be sure that the product will work well to alleviate your pain.

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