What to Look for When Hiring a Towing Company in Canada?

surrey towing company towing a car to the destination

tow truck towing a car in Surrey

Do you know about the key things while hiring a towing company in Canada for a towing job? Perhaps no, because you are already in a hurry and worry to decide which towing company to hire. It is simple yet valuable advice to not just go with any search result that pops up while searching for ‘tow truck near me’.
Being an owner of a tow truck Surrey company, I can guess which towing company could be right for your towing project. Most of the towing projects start with a single phone call for sure. You meet with a car breakdown and that is when you call a tow truck company.
When the person on the other side picks up the phone call, always consider who is over the phone and what is the designation of that person. Explain the whole case that you want to accomplish and figure out if they are able to understand the whole scenario. An experienced tow truck company in Surrey would always tell you their estimated time of arrival (ETA). The ETA is very crucial as it decides the quality of a towing company. A cop or passerby might ask you if you need any help. If you know that a tow truck is arriving at your location, you can be confident to them about your situation.
When the tow truck drivers arrive, the other thing to do is to look for their towing experience. Are they really experienced? Are they talented enough to understand the situation over the road at that time? Notice which instruments they use and how they measure the various aspects related to towing. A professional towing company always measures every little length of your car so that they can arrange a safe tow.
Inventory and equipment which they carry also hold special importance during a towing project. Some cars only require tow dollies to get attached to the tow truck, while some cars might require more complex towing equipment. It is their duty to carry along all the necessary equipment for towing. In manual transmission cars, a special kind of tool kit is required to disengage the shaft to the transmission unless the transmission may get hurt. That is the reason towing companies are required to carry those along with them.


In the end, we can conclude that towing companies hold a special place in the automotive industry. Hiring a towing service is the most appropriate option when you get in difficulty over the road. With their expertise and towing experience, they can take you and your vehicle home safe and secure. And yes, beware of the towing myths that could mislead you. However, it is your duty to choose the towing company wisely. I wish you a happy towing experience!

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