Toy Story: Director Unkrich Confirms Toys Can Die

Produced by Pixar Animation Studios, Toy Story is a computer-animated film which was released in the ’90s and rest is history. The animated film earned $373 million worldwide in 1995 and later became one of the most successful franchises of all time. It went on to inspire video games, parks, toys and merchandise. The film now has three sequels which have all been just as successful. The film is credited with bringing the CGI animation revolution in the ’90s.

The film explores the adventures of Toys in a world where they are alive. Now since in this make-believe world, toys are alive, can they die too? Even though it seems like a straightforward logical deduction, this very question has been a point of contention among the Toy story fans for years.

Now for someone who has never watched Toy Story, this question might seem absurd and stupid. But even the most hardcore fans have been unable to answer this question with confidence. Even close scrutiny of the movies doesn’t give away any clue to what the answer might be. The movie just portrays that the toys gain consciousness once they become a part of a child’s toy collection and are made in toy factories. After gaining consciousness the toys act exactly like humans and can walk, talk, think even though physically they look exactly like a toy.

The toys can still remain conscious even after they move off a child’s care. But they don’t resemble human beings in all its ways. They can’t grow like children and are trapped in the bodies that they are born in.

But the debate has been recently settled by the director of the movie, Lee Unkrich. According to Lee Unkrich, the toys are going to live as long as they exist. Which means until their physical forms are intact. But if their physical forms were to be totally destroyed then the toys can die just like human beings. So, the toys are immortal and can only die when they are completely destroyed physically.

The aim of creating Toy Story has always been to showcase the innocent relationship of a toy with a child. The child finally grows up and leaves his toys behind along the way is sort of a metaphor for a man leaving behind his friends as he grows up. The movie has captured the emotional journey really well and that’s why it has been able to connect with its audience and become such a massive success over the years. If you haven’t watched Toy Story then you should seriously consider watching it as soon as possible.

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