Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry: Know It in Detail

If you are planning to get involved in the logistics and transport business, you should be aware of its pros and cons. There are several factors that one must keep in mind while operating vehicles for commercial and industrial purposes.

One of them is Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry. Whether you are applying for an HGV or PSV licence, your operator licence application consultant will help you in understanding some of the critical factors involved in this. (Information Credited:

What is Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry?

It is a kind of disciplinary hearing which can be helpful for various reasons as per the traffic regulation of the UK. These reasons include;

  • An existing vehicle operator, licence holder or transport manager is not managing the licence correctly.
  • The operator licence application is not beyond doubt.
  • There are complaints against the operation centre by the residents of that certain location.
  • You are not maintaining your vehicle well.
  • Your vehicle operation is somehow creating risks for the environment.
  • Your drivers or you (in case you drive the vehicle yourself) are not competent or reliable professionals. If there are instances of texting while driving or rough driving, then you can face such inquiry.
  • The licence holder is convicted for criminal offences.

If any of these incidents happen to the license holder, a traffic commissioner public inquiry can be made against that individual or company.

How to Inquiry Comes About?

This inquiry takes place in court, and evidence gathering is done before the final verdict is determined. Traffic commissioners license and control all HGV and PSV operators and local bus services in the UK. They are also allowed to take action against the drivers of these operators.

As the result of this inquiry, the commissioner can;

  • Suspend one or all the licences
  • Disqualify the operator as a legit license holder
  • Reduce the numbers of vehicles which one can operate
  • Reject your licence application
  • Revoke the licence

How Your Consultant Can Help You?

The role of your consultant is to make you aware of the matters of this inquiry so that you can avoid such conflicts easily. They will help you to maintain a good record for the Traffic Commissioner. It would be easier for you to avoid such inquiry when you know what can make you face this issue.

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