Due to the significant shortage of drivers, companies are more than willing to increase salaries and offer extra pay for longevity and safety records. A job in the trucking industry can provide you with both financial security and the ability to travel on a regular basis. This type of consistency and flexibility allows you to know beforehand what you will do each day and exactly where you will be working.

With the right license, truck driving can turn into quite a lucrative, intrepid career. However, more important than your on paper certification is the experience and knowledge you gather during your training.

CDL training is offered by multiple truck driving schools from across the country, as well as by community colleges and specialized companies. The instruction program you choose is crucial in both establishing a solid information basis for trucking and finding an organization that you can associate with and land a job at in the long run. Moreover, even though certain employers train applicants from within the company, directly affiliating with a specific organization might not be beneficial long term. This is because if you only obtain a class B or class C license, you will have very few endorsements available and too many restrictions to deal with. Top CDL Training Schools

This is why it’s important to enroll in a program that can teach you and efficiently prepare you for unexpected situations, as well as offer you a reliable license and a wide array of opportunities when it comes to commercial vehicles. Proper CDL training will not only teach you how to handle large vehicles, but also provide you with the broadest training options and instruct you when it comes to cost-efficient driving and safety techniques.

A competent CDL training program will cover road security rules and regulations, the basics of operating a commercial vehicle and inspection procedures. The courses should also teach you about the nitty-gritty of air brake systems (including pressure gauges and dual air brakes). In addition, you should also be informed about how to manage and inspect combination vehicles. We, at RTDS, provide over 10 years’ worth of expertise and a full-range of instruction programs, tailored according to the students’ needs and flexible schedules.

The courses cover theoretical information and will precede your field training. You will be provided with study materials and comprehensive learning tools, including resourceful lectures and introductory demonstrations. Moreover, our CDL training program ensures that you get the chance to practice procedures firsthand before taking your final examinations. Our qualified instructor will guide you through safe operating procedures, emergency conduct, skid control and loading maneuvers, as well as supervise your progress. When you’re ready, the instructor will join you in city driving areas and allow you to practice driving, visual search, safety techniques and shifting in traffic. Best CDL Training Schools

So what are the requirements for enrolling in a proper CDL training program? They vary from company to company, but generally involve owning a valid driver’s license, being over 21 years old and submitting a DMV driving record. The cost of the courses will also vary greatly from school to school, which is why you need to carefully consider how much would be worth paying for a career that can generate around $40,000 per year.

RTDS offers several options when it comes to CDL training – a Full Program (which involves 160 hours of comprehensive, in-depth courses, as well as extensive range and road training), a 3-Week Program (designed for candidates with basic driving experience, 120 hours), a 2-Week Program (quick and efficient, involves 1 week of courses and 1 week of range and road training) and an Express Program (suited for experienced drivers who are looking for a fast, reliable certification, includes 3 days of hands-on practice). If any of these CDL training programs appeal to you or fulfill your current professional requirements, then take a closer look and apply!

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