Trans Reach International Group


Name :Emily Guo

Born :20 August 1985 (age 35) California, United States of America

Place of Residence :New York, United States of America (2003–2010)

Education :Standard Ford University

Known for :Co-founding Trans Reach International Group

Title :Chairman Trans Reach International Group

Net Asset :US$ 19 billion (14 November 2020)

Interest :Reading, Swimming, Singing

Spouse(s) :David Lee (m 2011)

Children :1

Parent(s) :Jun Guo (Father) , Xiao Hua Wang (Mother)

Website :


Chairman of Trans Reach International Pte Ltd and Dubai Trans Reach International Invest And Financial LLC, Founder of Eagle Coin. Chinese American who was born in California and graduated from the School of Business Administration of Stanford University.

She successively held senior management positions in Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company and Lloyds Banking Group. Established Singapore Trans Reach International Pte.Ltd in 2013, and Dubai Trans Reach International Invest And Financial LLC in 2104, mainly responsible for investment and financing projects in Asia.

Early life


Emily was born in California, USA. She was born sensitive to numbers since she was a child, and has strong logical thinking. When she was 5 years old, she could recite the 1000 decimal places after π. In 2003, Emily entered the long-awaited School of Business Administration of Stanford University as she wished to study. During her studies at school, Emily used her own strengths, passed CPA and CTA and other very high gold certificates, and met a large number of like-minded friends.

The Career

After graduating from university, Emily worked successively for Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company and Lloyds Banking Group. Out of work requirements and professional love, Emily has traveled to the United States and Central Asia many times to study and inspect oil production, and in the process became acquainted with the UAE cousin ABDULAZIZ, who will provide him a lot of help in the future. With the help of ABDULAZIZ, Emily has a more extensive and in-depth understanding of the oil industry, and also sees the current limitations of the oil industry and its future potential. In 2010, Emily resigned from Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company to join the Lloyds Banking Group and served as the Group’s Chief Financial Consultant, mainly engaged in the practice of international currency swaps. In 2013, Emily resigned from all positions and founded Singapore Trans Reach International Pte.Ltd.

Trans Reach International Group

Dubai Trans Reach International Invest And Financial LLC was established on May 5, 2014. It is subsidiary company with Singapore Trans Reach International Pte.Ltd as parent company. The company purpose of Dubai Trans Reach International Invest And Financial LLC at the beginning of its establishment was a special company specially established by the Dubai Royal Family to promote the development of tourism and economic trade in Dubai faster.

Dubai Trans Reach International Invest And Financial LLC focuses on providing one-stop investment consulting services for high net worth individuals, as including international trade, international tourism, oil trade, currency monetary exchanges, immigration, real estate, Dubai financing projects, film & television entertainment and resource integration. The company achieves long-term and sustained growth through diversified development of the related businesses. The company will set up a number of strategic business departments to develop and grow with the existing customer base and network, and these businesses will also help strengthen the future development of the core business of the Group.


Personal Honor


l “Dubai Economic Forum” named one of the world’s 100 excellent “Elite Leaders”


l The Brilliant Woman of The Year


l One of the most influential women in 2015 by “Business Weekly Magazine”


l 2016 Dubai Economic Newcomers of the Year Emerging Award


l The most influential business people in the world in 2016 by “TIMES Weekly Magazine” in USA.


l Davos Economic Forum Young Global Leader


l Donation ranks 10th on “Dubai Charity List ” in Forbes, 2018


l “Forbes” list of The Most Powerful People ranking


l “Harvard Business Review” website ranked 191st among the 300 best CEOs in the world in 2020.

Emily participated in the 2nd China National Day Cup Golf Tournament and The People’s Republic of China 65th National Day Dinner

Other activities

Character Quotes

Blockchain technology is the new core of the financial field in the future. Only an early layout can master the opportunity. The arrival of Eagle Coin is not a coincidence, but a brave attempt. The success of Eagle Coin has brought countless industries and countless industries. The growth of wealth.

Don’t be disrupted by anyone, because no one knows and cares about their dreams like you.

The Internet is already a part of the current social subject. It connects many things, but in terms of wealth, it only connects the surface. What I want to do is to truly connect the foundation of wealth, fundamentally change and deepen it.

Character Evaluation

Emily, who is the newcomers and new force of the era, integrated a few simple projects into a huge empire, turning Trans Reach International Pte Ltd into a product closest to the nature of the people’s requirements. The growth of Trans Reach International Pte Ltd is seen by countless people. She is the idol of the TIMES, and I don’t think I need to explain more.

(TIMES Weekly Magazine commented)

She is rich but unassuming. She is low-key but not indifferent, gentle and dedicated to doing business. Since 2013, her company has grown to such a high level in just a few years. On another level, she did not just build a successful company, but she took the company to another peak and connected with the world.

(Fortune Weekly Magazine commented)

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